Dem good race, IMHO



The track was funky, not much room for error if ya got high in the groove.

Still lots of hard aggressive driving and some outstanding battle for posttion. TNT did a better than average job of finding the battles behind the leaders too. Matt and DJ battling for the lead near the end was a classic example of hard clean racing in trying conditions.

We had pit strategy with the fuel gambles and no tires. We had the four tires vs no tires, and the aero push didn't seem to be a factor all day. If ya could catch 'em and the chassis was right you get the nose under and bust a move.

Kenseth, Jr and Newman all had very strong cars at the end. Tough break for Matt(the pit crew continues to excell) and neither Ryan nor Jr could get through the traffic fast enough to catch the leaders.
I liked it. But then I like flat track racin. It ain't just strapping in to a rocket ship and mashing the gas. And from the looks of it, there was plenty of room passing, just no room for error.

Reminded me a whole lot of a typical ASA race. Only the ASA guys know better than to expect ANYONE to get out of the way.

And I can hear the interviews now....oh wah oh wah oh wah....flat track sure didn't keep Kurt from coming from 3 laps back to get a top ten. Didn't stop Ward from coming from near the back for the back either. First three at the end passed just over 90 cars to get there.

Hey nascar wah-drivers. If it were easy you'ld be sitting in the stands while I was raking in the millions. Cry me a river.
The track reminded me of many of the nasty old short tracks. Grew up loving those tracks and the races and never learned any better.

Good test of driver, machine, and crew.

Good car + good line = good results

Good car + bad line = bad results

Bad car + good lines = hanging in there

bad car + bad lines = CYA

Enough time to adjust and enough passing to get there if the crew got it right.
Compared to Loudon races of the past, this one was much more entertaining. I'm sure there will be drivers who will bitch, and moan, and groan, but it was more competitive. Not perfect, but at least it's better.
i loved the race..........very exciting, and i bet the drivers dreaded turning into turns 3 and 4 on every little mistake, and your in the loose stuff...........i am surprised that 30 something drivers were on the lead lap............that's why these guys are pro's..........
Yep.Really good race,I enjoyed the drama it provided.Took a little skill for a change.And that is always pretty nice.
In my opinion that track should be dropped from the schedule!
You have to bump & bang to get by! only 2 or 3 cars were good enough that they didn't really have too. But Jr ended up getting taken out because of the tight racing in the bump & bang styll!

The cars are going 150 mph plus on the straights ! That just to fast for that type of action!

Must we loose another driver to find this out?

That lower groove was worthless! In years past there was always 1 or 2 cars that could use the apron of the old track which was basically the new groove today! i didn't see any improvement!

Break out the bull dozers & plow it up Or add banking!


I thought it was a pretty entertaining race all things concidered. Jeff Gordon seemed pretty clueless, but that didn't mean it wasn't a good race. I'm sure we will hear a lot more crying like we got from #20's crew chief. But, this was much more entertaining than watching restrictor plate crap anyday. If you think rubbin' is racin' (which I do), this was a good one for you.
I still hate that track, but I'll take the outcome today. :leap: :booya: :thumbsup: :calpping:
An entertaining race, but the track still is bad. Maybe this low groove will eventually come in. The disappointing part was Stewart had a top 3 car till he hit the wall, oh well there's always next week :)
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