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Sep 16, 2001
Boston, MA
Nick Hayden's quest to win a Mile dirt track and get into the Grand Slam club was denied today at the Springfield Mile.

Chris Carr won the race and Hayden finished eighth.

Many Honda luminaries were in attendance, including Hayden's tuner Merlyn Plumlee. Made for him by Joe Rocket, Hayden wore a replica of the leathers worn by Bubba Shobert, Rick Graham and the rest of the Honda factory riders in the 1980s.

Hayden stated at the Springfield that he will continue to race dirt track races this season (there are four races remaining and the last one is a Mile race)and also stated that he will probably have news about his 2003 racing season this week.
I don't watch too much motorcycle racing but I've got a friend that races part time in a semi pro series and I've seen a few races this summer when I've been to their house..... What little I do know is that, that Hayden kid is really something else!!!
He will get it, its only a matter of time. I didn't get to that race but the springfield mile is pretty tough, its a track that you can't break away and drafting is a big part of the game. I am hoping that he is going to stay in AMA 1 more year but I doubt it. If he does goto world superbike I would like to see what he has for those guys, since he dominates here. It will be the same as if Da matta went to F1:)
Hayden will have something in MotoGp on the Honda! No doubt about it!
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