Dick and Dave Show Goes To Indy



Well the old dudes musta secured a one race deal and the RCR motor.....Dick said he wouldn't run it without one, and Dave won't get the car out if there ain't no money.......cause they been doing the test thing at Indy.

Jerry Nadeau posted the fastest time at 181.324, and that Stuart Kirby kid showed up and is sitting midpack.
Who's Dick and Dave, I'm assuming Dave is Dave Marcis?
That would be Dick (The Winningest Driver in Auto Racing History) Trickle.

He's credited with something like 800 sanctioned wins. Wonder if that makes him a legend?:D
My bad, my brain fart...............after all these years I think the CPU is starting to slip a little.
Yea, me too Walrus.....and btw, it's 1200 wins, not 800.

He was the ROTY back in 89 (at 48 years of age no less) and won the Open in 1990 but never has won a Cup race. Finished 3rd at Bristol in 97.

Fun thing for me was I got to watch his little brother Chuck teach both Kurt and Kyle Busch along with Brendan Gaughan the ropes here at the shortie in Vegas. Kyle entered 15 Late Model races and won 10 of them before he got the call from Jack Roush last year. Go 10 for 15 against anybody named Trickle and you've done something.

And I checked out Kid Kirby's stats a few days back. That kid is going to be one to watch. If you can't tell, I love watching the youngsters.
Yeah 71,
It's fun to pick 'em out and watch 'em develope. There's so much opportunity out there now, yet there's just as much competition to get a spot.
71fan, is there a sponsor for the Marcis entry?...want to see em do well.
Word from Trickle site is that it is a brand new car (wonder what it's like to build a car by hand yourself without the aid of a wind tunnel or 200 helpers, Dave has all of 4 full time employees one of which is his son) but nothing on who is going to be on the hood. Got a note from their team manager and Busch driver Dwayne Leik just today but Indy wasn't mentioned. I know Dave sold an old car to a lady that is going ARCA racing with it a few weeks ago so that might be where they are getting some of the money.

Story on the Chicago Busch race was that they wrecked the primary car testing there the weekend before last....speed would have put it 15th on the grid....and that they had to use the Michigan car instead (not the right areo stuff) but the real problem was the steering box went south on them and all he could do was ride around all day. That he brought it home in one piece means a lot.

Oh well, the kid needs the seat time anyways. Most all his experince is in SCCA and Formula 2000. Best guess is he gets to sleep out back the shop but gets to eat in the house:D

Can you believe Ray Everrnham started his Winston Cup career with ol Dave?
Nope I cant believe that...alll I know is that He is helping Bill win!
What did he do with dave?
Sweep the shop and learn I imagine.:eek:

From what I understand the biggest Marcis Auto Racing ever got was 7 full time folks and that the list of guys who got their Cup start in Dave's shop is endless.

Back when I was young and stupid, the old dude offered me 25 a week plus room and board. Did I mention stupid?
from the Dick Trickle newsletter......

"The Indianapolis test didn’t fare as well as Dick or the Marcis team had hoped. They took a new car and wanted to shake it down and see how it handled. After two days they were still having difficulty getting the car to turn, which is a key factor. The Marcis team will be deciding this week if they’ll still attempt to make the Indy race, and then possibly Dick will have to make his decision after that."
Further word is that they only had two sets of used tires to work with, that the fast lap came when they put the fresher 2nd set on (10 laps old) and they were not able to do a bonzai run the 2nd day because the motor started going south.
Boy, It hurts me to hear that they only had 2 sets of old tires. I cant believe RCR or another team wouldnt give them a set if they were needed.
I hope Dick and Dave make the field, though it's not going to be easy. Everyone and their grandma will be trying to qualify for that race, so they better hope they can get that old #71 running well.

I talk back and forth with Stuart Kirby, and from what he's told me, I think he should have a good shot making the show. This kid is pretty impressive for anyone that's been watching him in Cup. In his only Cup attempt last year at Charlotte he was a big upset making the field and might have finished well if Leffer wouldn't have wrecked in front of him (that's why Leffler is back to Busch). He's also attempted to make a race in the #57 car this year, the car Ron Hornaday and Derrike Cope both had difficulties getting in the field with, and qualified a respectable 26th but blew a motor. Against some pretty good odds, he hasn't missed a Cup field yet he's tried to get in, so he'll be one to watch at the Brickyard.
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