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Jan 3, 2002
Northern VA
I've sold most of my Earnhardt collection and other collections and I'm just going to work on my Jr stuff. If you are interested, please let me know soon...I need to get this stuff out of the house. I'm not looking for an arm or a leg either, just want to get what I have in it. I can also email pictures of the items of you want to see it...

Dale Earnhardt diecast
1997 Wheaties CWC (original)
2001 Goodwrench CWC
2003 Victory Lap

Kevin Harvick diecast
2000 AC Delco CWC
2001 Goodwrench CWC
2003 Goodwrench CWC

Steve Park diecast
1997 AC Delco CWC
2001 Pennzoil CWC
2001 Looney Tunes CWC
2002 Pennzoil CWC
2003 Maxwell House CWC

All cars are Action except the Park AC Delco..its an RCCA.

These autographs were personally obtained by Dale Earnhardt and the others mentioned. The first three items are matted and framed...The frames measure 22"x17.5"

1988 Goodwrench team. The tope picture is an 8x10 of the Flying Aces in action, Chocolate Myers, David Smith, and Will Lind are shown working on Dales car on pit road during a stop. The picture is autographed by all three crew members and Dale. On the bottom is a post card of Dale posing in front of his '88 Goodwrench Monte Carlo Aerocoupe at Daytona.

1987 Wrangler Monte Carlo. The top picture is Dale in front of his car at the Waldorf-Astoria. Its autographed by Dale. On the bottom is Dale in front of his car at Daytona.

1980/1981 Wrangler Pontiac. The top picture is Dale in Victory Lane holding a newspaper that says "Earnhardt 1980 NASCAR Champ.". Its autographed by Dale. On the bottom is a post card congratulating him with a picture of him and his 1981 Pontiac.

The last item is an 8X10 this is in a frame along with a 1/33 scale mini-helmet of Dale's. The frame measures 23"x17" and the picture is autographed by Dale.

Let me know soon if you are interested....they will be posted on Ebay if no one needs them from here. I can email pictures, but I can't post them here. They are too big and I can't re-size them.
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