Don't forget, presale of all dirt content starts today!! So be sure to take advantage of this as well as the savings!!
I just went with Eldora and Williams Grove for now. I'm going to stick with the truck and street stock to make sure I even like dirt racing. I am "worried" (for lack of a better term) that dirt racing is going to be too difficult for most people and it will end up like the Lotus49. I love the 49 but very few people run it because it is a beast!
Yea, dirt racing is a completely new animal. I brought all the dirt content and even though I'm sucking in everything but the Sprint Cars, I am having a lot of fun.

So I spent at least 4 hours on dirt today. Mostly in practice session for street stock, and the sprint car. By the end of my practice sessions today I was finally getting the handle on street stock dirt racing. The Sprint Car was easier to drive because you have the down force from the wings. One thing I love is how quickly the track changes and how you always have to be hunting for that extra grip.

Honestly I give iRacing Dirt 100/10.
So I spent at least 4 hours on dirt today.

I'm appalled and jealous at the same time! I think to myself, "4 hours! Get a life!" and then wish I could do the same thing! lol.

I had a busy day yesterday so I only got in 2, half hour sessions. The first was a half hour of just me at usa intl in a test session with the street stock. The second half hour was in an actual practice server. But I did finish in a test session for 5 minutes at Eldora in the truck. It was damn near impossible to drive and I didn't have the time to try to figure it out.

I find that the less I care if I wreck, the better I do. Instead of trying to keep the car on the track, I just look further up the track and step on the gas. I'm still terrible at it, but I look forward to learning more. By the end of the 30 min practice session I was in 23rd place about a second off the leader. Now if I can only do that for 25 laps consistantly while avoiding all the wrecks, I might be able to finish a race! lol
One thing I'm going to have to learn how to do in dirt is learn how to steer with the throttle. Right now I cannot do that at all.
I can't be the only one who's racing on dirt in this forum!! Anyways, have a sweet paint job for my street stock car.

I'm playing with my PS4 controller because I'm too lazy to hook up my wheel but I suck at the non-winged USAC cars lol. 360 and 410 sprint cars are fun.
Yeah I haven't been racing this season. I tried the rookie dirt cars and wasn't a big fan. I might need to try the winged or non-wing sprints. I haven't been motivated to race lately because I have been busy with work and other obligations. I just started getting the itch again this past Monday night but I haven't had time to even get into a practice session yet, just poked around on the forums and made sure I had all the latest patches installed.

Saw Iracing posted this video today of a rallycross test.
Very nice! I just wish my steering wheel didn't go busted. I'm saving up for a new steering wheel.
Rally cross looks cool. It seems like dirt hasn't really gotten off the ground too well because there is no dirt license. Hopefully they fix that when rally cross comes to town.

Try checking the hardware thread in the forums to see if people are selling used wheels too. Any idea what kind of wheel you are going after? I'm still using my DFGT but might need to upgrade at some point soon. My whole "rig" needs to be upgraded but i'm just not ready to spend the money.
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