disapperaing names???



i don't know if its just me or not but for some reason i am not able to read the names of anyone on there posts it looks like they are invisable, but i am bale to move my mouse over wher they should be and click and it does take me to the profile? thats the only thing that is doing it do you know the problem Paul??
Isnt happening to me...maybe a personal pc problem?...
isnt happening onmine, but i have gotten three viruses in two days, some kinda js somethin or another. maybe you ought to run a scan
You're probably using an outdated browser. I have a shadow behind the names and your old browser probably can't render it.

Not sure what judas is talking about. The names in the posts aren't giving you a virus.
no, i didnt mean giving a virus, just meant i got a bunch of virus all of a sudden after almost never getting any. i was simply saying you might want to check your pc. maybe something funny is going on inside that pc????
ok its fixed now just had no idea what was wrong with it i haven't done anything since then so it fixed itself.
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