DJ too low?? Points may be lost



According to Jim Utter at ThatsRacin'

Dale Jarrett’s No. 88 Ford was found to be approximately 1/8th of an inch below the 51-inch minimum height requirement following post-race inspection. Jarrett finished third in Sunday’s New England 300.
NASCAR spokesperson Danielle Frye said it was likely Jarrett’s team would be penalized driver and car owner points for the infraction. In the past, fines have been the typical penalty for such violations.
Uh Oh DJ was very vocal about this when na$car started talking & then did take points! He was for it!

I wonder if he still is now?
Just what he needed when he had gotten so close to the top-10 in points...
You're right eeff. DJ was very supportive of points deductions and even specified being too low as something the teams would have to compensate for.

Though I doubt there is any intention of foul play by the 88 team, he will have to live by his words.
I'm sure he will deal with it just fine. Him and that whole team are a class act. I am sure that in the future they will do their homework and won't let this happen again.
Time will tell!

I'm just curious to see how his reaction will be!

I'm a race fan! I don't think I dislike any of these guys! there's just one who is very comical !

"I never forget"


They've been threatening to take away more than money, Jarrett might be in store for losing some points. It will be interesting what Nascar decides to do.
It will be ineresting to see what NASCAR does. They should take points away, but that doesn't mean they will!
the thickness of about 2 fingernails, and it can cost them half a million dollars (considering if it knocks 'em down a couple points spots)
according to RPM2nite and Fox Victory lane, fines And point deductions will be announced tomorrow.

Take a match, turn it sideways, and that is approx 1/8"

I think DJ will be pizzed but also accept the penalty with his usual grace and charm.
DJ and the whole 88 team is a class act and yes DJ did say the teams should get better equipment to prevent this. This doesn't mean he went out and cheated the next day! He will stand by his words and tell it like it is. He always does.
why should they take off points fro the car being that low?.....**** happand in the race and stuff gives. i say make a min lower and a small leave way.
Lap 3 Its Nascar...what do you Nascar has never heard the term Leave way in their lives. And I doubt there about to either.
Lap3 and Awesome Bill, if you give the teams leeway they will take it and then some, and then complain that there isn't enough. Rules are put in place to make sure that no one has an advantage. I'm not gonna get into it over whther a low car has an advantage or not, that is besides the point. Fact is, car was low, pay the fine/lose the points, and make sure you don't do it again.
What I wanna know is, where was the car sitting when they measured it? If it was on the track, I am certain that more than 1/8" of the damn surface blew away during the race, thus making the difference. :p

Maybe, just maybe, NASCAR should worry more about paving their damn race tracks than 1/8". (And I know Bob Bahre owns that dump, not NASCAR, but still...)
Ward-Fan, last race I was at all inspections took place on a level concrete surface, you probably already knew that, I just missed the sarcasm :) As for the track surface coming up, Nascar needs to look hard at this problem, 2 races in a year with a similar problem is twice too often
Who, me, sarcastic?? That's like saying Harvick makes dumb moves, Ward talks slow, Spencer needs to drop a pound, or Kirk Shelmerdine ain't competitive. Wait a second.....:p
Ok, got it, Harvick need to drop a pound, Spencer is slow, Ward talks competitive, and Shelmerdine makes dumb moves. :)
Points should be taken away because they did it to Jimmie Johnson and it wouldent be right
According to

Jarrett's crew chief was fined 20,000 and Jarrett lost 25 owner points and championship points.
Seerms fair enough, though I suspect if this keeps happening there will be even more points deducted, especially if we see some repeat offenders
My question how far will Nascar take it if the car that wins the race fails? I think then we will really see a can of worms be opened. Do they just take $, points or take the win away. I can see this forum then OMG especially if it is someones favorite driver. Well everyone have a great day pondering this question.:rolleyes:
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