Do you want Johnson to win #7?

Do you want Jimmie Johnson to get #7

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Feb 17, 2015
Looking at this from a pure statistical standpoint, I'm so curious to find out in a sample of NASCAR fans if more, or less than 50% of fans would want Jimmie to win the title this year.
If Harvick doesn't make it, I may begrudgingly root for Johnson, just because I can't root for the Toyotas and it'd be somewhat cool to see history. I was too young to care when Earnhardt got his 7th. But for now, with Harvick still alive, I have to vote 'no.'
As a southerner I loved the fact that the only people who had won 7...or more than 4 for that matter were good ole boys from North Carolina who showed that the guys from the birthplace of racing were the true masters of this craft.

What I and I think many failed and continue to fail to realize is that Jimmie Johnson's chase for 7 epitomizes the growth of NASCAR as a mainstream American brand. He grew up racing 2 wheels in California, and only in adulthood discovered a love for stock car racing. He then becomes arguably a top 5 driver all-time. He shows that there's always a new and innovative way of making it.
Petty came from a racing family of prohibition moonshine runners and used his father's success as a platform and springboard for his own success. Maurice Petty was a genius under the hood and it was a family operation.

Earnhardt had a father who was a local dirt track legend, but for the most part made his way on his own. He did things his way and was more of a gunslinger, he jumped from team to team until Richard Childress put him in a car he could beat up, but even then he won by his talent alone as the Childress cars were never elite.
Then comes Johnson, a California kid who came as a development Hendrick driver and used teamwork and what the organization had to offer, which eventually led him to his partnership with Chad Knaus. He rose through the ranks and became successful by pairing his talent with resources.

All of these 3 legends have made their success in different, but very impressive ways and have earned every right, should Johnson win number 7, to be a part of a triumvirate of drivers at the top of NASCAR history.

Long story short, I would love to see 48 get number 7. He's earned it and we get to see something only see in 1979 and 1994.

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