Don't upgrade to V4.0


Team Owner
Jun 14, 2002
Powell, TN
Whatever you guys do, please don't upgrade to version 4.0. I have seen a number of boards that made the switch. I do not like the look or layout. This version is so much better.
Technically, we are no longer allowed to run vBulletin on this site due to a licensing snafu with Jelsoft (something about requiring me to know the original owner's father's middle name, credit card used to buy the license, their shoe size and to sacrifice their firstborn child). So, we definitely won't be upgrading to 4.0. There is a movement afoot to try out a new forum package called XenForo, and if I think I can get it close to familiar, that's what we'll be upgrading to. Stay tuned, a more public preview may be possible some time in the next few weeks. Right now I can't even get the colors right :beerbang:
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