Driver's real names

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  1. I got these off the Jamie McMurray board and I thought they were cute. Please don't yell at me if they're wrong!!! LOL

    Casey Lee Atwood
    Johnathan Andrew Andretti
    Stanton Thomas Barrett
    John Thomas Benson
    Gregory Jack Biffle
    Chris Bingham
    David Lee Blaney
    Michael Duane Bliss
    Brett Eli Bodine
    Geoffrey Edwin Bodine
    Todd Michael Bodine
    Kurt Thomas Busch
    Jeffrey Tyler Burton
    John Edward Burton III
    Chad Chaffin
    Stacy Compton
    Carlos Contreras
    Terry Charles Cook
    Matthew Justin Crafton
    Richard Allen Craven
    Richard Hoyt Crawford
    Bobby Dotter
    Kerry Dale Earnhardt
    Ralph Dale Earnhardt Sr
    Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr
    William Clyde Elliott
    Christian Leonardo Fittipaldi
    Larry Joseph Foyt
    William Brendan Gaughan
    Coy Gibbs
    Jason Dean Gibbs
    Jeffry Michael Gordon
    Robby Gordon
    Tina Gordon
    David Allen Green
    Jeffrey Lynn Green
    Mark Stephen Green
    Kevin Stokes Grubb
    Wayne O'dell Grubb
    Larry Gunselman
    Michael Scott Hamby Sr.
    Charles Robert Hamilton IV
    Charles Robert Hamilton V
    Mike Harmon
    Kevin Michael Harvick
    Joseph Riddick Hendrick
    Shane Riley Hmiel
    Lance Allen Hooper
    Ron Hornaday
    Dale Arnold Jarrett
    Jimmie Kennet Johnson
    Roy Norris (Buckshot) Jones
    Kasey Kenneth Kahne
    Jason Scott Keller
    Matthew Roy Kenseth
    Kevin Stuart Kirby
    Travis Wade Kvapil
    Robert Allen Labonte
    Terrance Lee Labonte
    Randy Joseph Lajoie
    Jason Leffler
    Kevin Paul Lepage
    William Alexander Lester III
    William Ashton Lewis, Jr
    Randy Ross MacDonald
    Sterling Burton Marlin
    Mark Anthony Martin
    Jeremy Allan Mayfield
    Michael Joseph McLaughlin
    James Christopher McMurray
    Casey James Mears
    Butch Miller
    Leilani Maaja Munter
    Ted David Musgrave Jr.
    Jerry Tony Nadeau
    Joseph Francis Nemechek III
    Ryan Joseph Newman
    Lance Norick
    Dan Pardus
    Stephen Brian Park
    Charles Bruce (Hank) Parker, Jr
    Kyle Eugene Petty
    Steven Donald Portenga
    Tom Powers
    William Robert Presley
    Jeff Thomas Purvis
    Floyd Anthony Raines
    Scott Russell Riggs
    Shawna Robinson
    Brian Rose
    Richard Lee Rudd
    Elliott William Barnes Sadler
    Hermie Sadler
    Jay Sauter
    Johnny Andrew Sauter
    Tim Sauter
    Kenneth William Schrader
    Dennis Setzer
    Clay Morgan Shepherd
    Mike Curtis Skinner
    Jason Small
    C W Smith
    James Peter Spencer
    Jack Sprague
    David Leon Starr
    Anthony Wayne Stewart
    Brad Teague
    Richard Leroy Trickle
    Brian Lee Vickers
    Kenneth Lee Wallace
    Michael Stephen Wallace
    Russell William Wallace
    Michael Curtis Waltrip
    Angie Lanette Wilson
    Scott Alan Wimmer
    Jonathan Edward Wood
  2. Happy29

    Happy29 Guest

    Kevin Harvick and Jeff Gordon both have the same middle name. Sure hope they aint related.
  3. PettyBenson

    PettyBenson Guest

    James Christopher McMurray??
    Why does he go by Jamie then?

    John Edward Burton III?
    Guessing thats John Edwards, if not then who?
  4. Ward Burton

    Ward Burton Guest

    I am about 99% sure its Ward!!!
  5. Happy29

    Happy29 Guest

    James Peter Spencer

    Sounds like a name rich people would have.
  6. TNBurtonFan

    TNBurtonFan Guest

    I am about 99% sure its Ward!!! [/b][/quote]
    I'm 100% sure, Ward comes from Edward.

    Also Sterling "BURTON" Marling!! I knew he was my third fav for some reason! :D

    This is a very interesting post. Thanks!
  7. Ward Burton

    Ward Burton Guest

    I'm 100% sure, Ward comes from Edward.

    Also Sterling "BURTON" Marling!! I knew he was my third fav for some reason! :D

    This is a very interesting post. Thanks! [/b][/quote]
    I was pretty sure It was. :)
  8. Gollum

    Gollum Guest

    Boy am I glad that Harvick don't go by, Mikey.
  9. Hurricane495

    Hurricane495 Guest

    Thank you for the post
  10. nascarwoman

    nascarwoman Admin Staff Member

    Charles Robert Hamilton, V .......that name is longer than Bobby is tall! :D
  11. majestyx

    majestyx Administrator Staff Member

    That's a good one, NW. :eek:
  12. kat2220

    kat2220 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Not only good, but wide like the IV.
  13. PettyBenson

    PettyBenson Guest

    Guess i did not look at the name close enoguthj to see WARD in Edward! :rolleyes:
  14. 17_Fan

    17_Fan Guest

    Matthew Roy Kenseth. Never knew what his middle name was. Probably one of the few things I didn't know. :) Makes sense though, Roy is his dad's name.
  15. Splunge

    Splunge Guest

    How about -

    John Edward Burton III and Joseph Francis Nemechek III

    These guys must sit around all day eating crumpets and tea....

    HA! I just made myself laugh thinking about Ward with a British accent tacked on to his drawl.... :lol: :lol:
  16. DeeDee

    DeeDee Team Owner

    Very true NW!
  17. Ward Burton

    Ward Burton Guest

    He was definetely not rich...until he made it to Winston Cup Racing, and to make it better, little brother Jeff Burton made it as well!! Now they are raking in the dough!!! :D
  18. even though i like ward.
    everytime i hear ward talk, i don't get a picture of the royal family in my head. i get a picture of some guy in ratty overalls, barefoot playing a banjo on a porch with 4 coondogs underneth it & being held up by cinderblocks.

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