Duc VS The Jap Bikes



With the Ducatti you get the Style, the attention, a Racing Suspension out of the box and also a relatively weak engine all for a high price! If you must have the Italian Style and you have the Money it is the way to Go!

The Jap Bikes GSXR 1000, Honda RC51 and the R1 all have much stronger engines, not as good suspensions and they are about 75% or less of the cost of the Duc! No doubt these bikes have more bang for the buck but they don't offer the style and ellegance of the DUC! All in all I would rather go Buy the Japanese bikes because they have so much more power on the Ducatti's! Ducatti needs to start making some stronger engines for that big price! You gotta luv the stock suspensions on those things though.
Yeah I tend to agree, but you know a Ducati loyalist will have something to say about that, hehe.

I think relatively the Duc has a strong engine myself. I'm going by configuration, the v twin, even though theirs is an L. Remember they use desmo style valves, which is a very old method and the only development on them is done by them. Of course the 4 cylinders of the R1 and the GSXR's are just going to devour them on top hp. But they are right there with the RC51 and Suzuki's TL's and I love the harley but look at the gap there. Top end isn't everything, If you look you will notice the torque is lots and early, and the power curve is more of a smooth line all the way up rather than having a power band that hits you like others. Either way has its advandages. Since they can put more power down earlier(counterd by a heavier bike weight) they can get away with a close ratio gearbox, which means a low first, lets say up to like 70mph, then a high second, 85mph, then third would be 100, fourth 120, fifth 140, sixth 170+ or something close to that. Overall it probally hurts accelation times but they need it to keep up on the track. As for their rear suspension its pretty unique, seems like the swingarm is a lot shorter.

Even though the Ducatis are less reliable and way higher price, to me its worth it. But any person beside people like me should in fact go for the mass produced bikes. Nothing beats a Japanesse bike. I would buy one. Performance per dollar is probally the best of anything on the planet.
I must admit that the Desmo Valves are interesting!

I guess it all comes down to money! If you make enough money and you really want a bike with some charachter.........what the heck. A ducatti just might be for you.

Aprilia is another good choice for a big bore bike now a days!
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