Ducati Cup?



What the folks are saying is that World Super bike is pretty much Ducati Cup this year, which is pretty much ture. With Ducati capturing 8 of the top 10, including a top sweep. We all knew that it was going to be mostly Ducati once Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Aprilia pulled out. This will naturally cause problems with most people making it seem boring with just one make up there. I have always thought motorcycle racing is the best, bar none. Ducati is the only manufacturer really putting forth full works efforts into both MotoGP and Word Superbike - truly amazing that they are willing to pour that much cash into racing - they should be applauded, not jeered.

Yeah, Hodgson is going be in victory unless he slips and Xaus is riding 100%. But its really too early to tell. By the way, did anyone else notice Neil Hodgson's new riding style that duplicates Bayliss from last year. The unorthodize crawling all over the gas tank trying to make the spectacular photo shoot out of the corner? He was shifting the body weight to the outside of the turn which requires the bike to be ridden at a lower angle as it exits the corner, but all I think it is a combination of the new bike layout, controls, etc. and the need to keep weight over the front of the bike during corner exit. Will be intresting to see his lap times compared to Bayliss from last year.

On the other hand, Troy Corser on the new Foggy FP1 tripple. The FP1's look absolutely mad awesome with those two feet long flames coming from the pipes under deceleration. Wish it had a little more speed, but that will eventually come, new bikes take some serious R & D.


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