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  1. fergy1370

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    I think I need an ambulance!!!!

  2. paul

    paul Team Owner

    I'm sure ya do, is it finally sinking in that I don't have a "favorite" and that I hold the same standards to every driver?

    But can you say that Tony Stewart is one of the cleanest drivers? Bet ya can't....bet ya think Jr is. ;)
  3. fergy1370

    fergy1370 Team Owner


    Everybody knows that Jimmy Spencer the cleanest, most respectful driver on the track.
  4. Walrus_3

    Walrus_3 Guest

    Clean yeah,
    buy he don't forget anything............................un huh????
  5. rpmallen

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    Paul, you've got the right to your opinion. Obviously nothing either of us is going to say is going to change how the other thinks. I just think as far as an example, 1978 is a long way back to go. It's hard to understand the exact circumstance or the time period where doing something like that could be considered nasty, but not completely abnormal. It's not like DW tried to kill the guy, he got angry and did something not much worse than Stewart tried doing to Gordon on pit road last year. Was DW a rough racer? Yeah. Should that completely be ignored? No. But should you hold it against the guy for 24 years? That depends on personal opinion.
  6. paul

    paul Team Owner

    So ramming the car, romping on the gas peddle and driving into a pit wall, thereby destroying the car with the intention of not letting him enjoy his ONLY victory is just as bad as spinning someone? I don't see how that is, but ok.

    But here's the deal, you asked me why he was a dirty driver. I gave you examples.
  7. PettyBenson

    PettyBenson Guest

    thanks you thats my point exactly so what do you have against DW that is within the past 5 years or so????
  8. paul

    paul Team Owner

    Are you seriously limiting the timeframe of when I'm allowed to mention incidents?

    What if you asked me about Fireball Roberts? I wouldn't be able to mention anything about his racing because it's too long ago.

    Are you thinking this through PB? It doesn't seem like you are.
  9. PettyBenson

    PettyBenson Guest

    i was meaning that that happened a long time ago and he has changed since then he even admits that he is a changed man ever since he had his daughter. tell me something that DW has done in the past 10 years that would cause you to dislike him today and i will drop this. (but now i am going to bed so i will check back in the morning)
  10. paul

    paul Team Owner

    This is absurd.
  11. rpmallen

    rpmallen Guest


    The incident you describe sounds an awful like the one scene from Days of Thunder, in which case I thought that was funny as hell. But I'm sure what he did was no where near as amusing. But you know, it just doesn't bother me that much. I'm sure he got grief for it when he did it, that's probably one reason he had a bad reputation.

    On top of that, I know he had a mouth on him in the old days; that is, he also said some pretty dumb things back then that gave him the reputation "Jaws". But I've watched him over the past 10 years, and his racing style wasn't like that anymore. His personality wasn't like that anymore. He might be a terrible announcer sometimes (he'd be much better as a pit announcer), but I think he is a good guy at heart. I think he's changed a lot.

    Now if I was a fan of 30 years and saw how he raced back then, maybe I wouldn't feel the same way. You can make comments about him being the nastiest, dirtiest driver, but that obviously doesn't mean much to me. Hey, you don't like him, but I do, not for what he was, but for what he is now. And I'll continue to pull for him.

    Really, I don't like DW anywhere near as much as Michael Waltrip. I really like Michael's personality, and I feel he's been an underdog that, if ever given the right equipment, could show his worth. He wasn't as successful as his brother right away, but then again, he's never driven like DW either. MW's a good fighter though. :)
  12. paul

    paul Team Owner

    I think you're right.

    But hey, I told you that you and I were gonna have some good ones. :)

  13. rpmallen

    rpmallen Guest

    Hey, Paul, it's all good. I don't think either of us should give it to eachother easy. I know if somebody says something I don't think they support well enough and I disagree with them, I'm going to let them know. And I expect the same treatment. So I think we came out of this arguement pretty well, and am looking forward to the next one!

    I hereby declare this thread closed. :gavel: Sorry, this smiley amused me. lol
  14. Lap3Forever

    Lap3Forever Moderator Staff Member

    i don't think he ment to do that. bucause if he cheted it would have dne him no good because they could still check the sizes or the parts
  15. Lap3Forever

    Lap3Forever Moderator Staff Member

    i think the truck and car look cool :)
  16. PettyBenson

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    So Do I wish i can see them both in action only will get to see the car during practcie, quals, and happy hour, IF WE GO
  17. judas1

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    not too many of the youngsters knew that paul, :p funny how you put that. lol

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