Edwards Takes Two!


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Sep 16, 2001
Boston, MA
World Superbike

Colin Edwards’ championship campaign gained momentum on Sunday with two victories at the Oschersleben circuit in Germany. The wins mark the fourth and fifth wins in a row for the Castrol Honda pilot and he now trails Troy Bayliss in the standings by just 29 points.

Bayliss did his best to minimize the damage done to his lead in the standings by taking two second place finishes at the German circuit. The Aussie held off pole sitter, Neil Hodgson in both contests, salvaging 40 points on a weekend when Edwards was clearly unstoppable.

American Ben Bostrom had a solid day at the Oschersleben circuit with a fourth in Race 1 and a sixth in Race 2. Frankie Chili rounded out the top five in Race 1, while Ruben Xaus took fifth in Race 2 after crashing out of Race 1 while attacking Hodgson on the final lap.

The World Superbike Championship will head to the Netherlands for the penultimate round where Colin Edwards will try to reduce Troy Bayliss’ lead even further.

Race 1:

1. Colin Edwards, Honda
2. Troy Bayliss, Ducati
3. Neil Hodgson, Ducati
4. Ben Bostrom, Ducati
5. Frankie Chili, Ducati
6. James Toseland, Ducati
7. Nori Haga, Aprilia
8. Gregorio Lavilla, Suzuki
9. Chris Walker, Kawasaki
10. Broc Parkes, Ducati

Race 2:

1. Colin Edwards, Honda
2. Troy Bayliss, Ducati
3. Neil Hodgson, Ducati
4. Nori Haga, Aprilia
5. Ruben Xaus, Ducati
6. Ben Bostrom, Ducati
7. Frankie Chili, Ducati
8. James Toseland, Ducati
9. Gregorio Lavila, Suzuki
10. Broc Parkes, Ducati
Bayliss and edwards are so dominate, seems like its a toss up who will win, Bayliss had his time at the beginning and now Edwards had found a way past this guy, I know its possible but I don't think he can overtake him in the points, its Bayliss's year:)
Boy was I wrong :eek: I gotta give it to the Texas Tornado, they found a way past Bayliss and stuck it there for the last part of the season. That was the best sesaon between 2 riders that I can remember. :) I wonder what is going to happen with no bayliss next year? Lookin good for Edwards.
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