ELMS 4 hr of Spa 2022


2022 RFFL Champion
Feb 8, 2017
Have my alarm set for this Sun 9-25-22 : 5 a.m. EST.
Carried on ELMS Youtube. I watched practice
from the #88 in car cam. That never gets old
watching him go through eau rouge.
Here is Quali:
Spa is the best track on the ELMS calendar by far. Next year especially they have such a strong Iberian/Southern European presence, I wish they’d hit some more tracks throughout Central Europe. Plenty of tracks available like Red Bull Ring, Nurburgring, Hockenheimring, Hungaroring. Spain always seemed to be more of a motorbike culture to me.

Thanks for the reminder, might be able to catch some before heading out to KSC tomorrow morning.
Enjoyed that. The in car camera I followed got beat by a bumper
for a place at the line. Kinda fun seeing the driver drop his helmet in
his hands when that happened at the line. Didnt have a dog in the fight
so just enjoyed the beauty of prototypes on track. Nice primer for Petit.
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