Erica were are you..........



I been dyin to tell you I got me some faces!!! LOL!!! I done a perty good job!!! NANANA BOOBOO!!!

Love ya
Okay I give up!!! LOL!!! I'll have to agree I like yours better!!! LOL!!! Well........i dunno what eles to say!!
see if you win I can do this(look at pic) Tell Dusty we in the 79 crew wish him good luck and you too!!
but you gotta watch out for him!!! (look at pic) j/k
There is always some to watch out for!!! LOL Well where are you at Erica!!!! We are waiting for you well talk to ya later!!!Hey Katie tell me how you get them other smiles PLEASE~~~~~ Love you Micah boo
Micah the smilys are Daisys, mine and Ericas little secert!! LOL
Good luck Jeramie, Erica, and Dusty!! Hope to see atleast one of yall walk away with a Victory!!!
I see that Laurens is updated now since you got Dusty's picture off of there. LOL.
yup so if you win yours will be on there and i can get it and put it on here too!!LOL!!
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