F1: 2021 Portuguese Grand Prix

Doc Austin

Back From The Dead
Jan 29, 2017
Largo, Fla
The surface is still fairly new, its going to take time, but I really like Portimao. I hope it stays on the schedule in the future.

A fairly meh race, but watching the cars go around Portimao is seriously exciting.

It was a bit of a "meh," until we saw Hamilton jump Max (and ran him wide for good measure, just like Max did to him at Imola), and then went around the outside of Botas. Everyone is complaining there is no grip, but Hamilton just drives wherever he wants and blows past anyone in the way. Last year he had a bad start here, was lost in the conditions in the beginning, but adapted, played it perfect and beat everybody anyway. To do it at a place like Portamao though, that's just pure gold.

I think Mercedes dominance has been camouflaging Hamilton's greatness. Of course, he's supposed to win in a Mercedes, so anything less and he's not delivering. From that standpoint, not too impressive. Still, the level of greatness we have seen him rise to when his back is against the wall has been massive impressive. Hamilton rises to every challenge put in front of him. It's just a shame he's not in a car that's not supposed to win because he would win anyway.

So, Hamilton looks in good shape for another championship, or at least making a solid run out of it, but even in the poor races at least now he has a challenger that will make him fight for it.

Sadly for Botas, he couldn't even turn pole position into a second place. Meanwhile Russel is laying more and more claim to that ride every weekend. Comparing those two week to week is now relevant.
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