F1 Bahrain Testing begins


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Jun 16, 2006
Wednesday to Friday.

That’s 2AM for us easterners.

Max and George the only drivers to have a full day on the first day.
A chilled first day. Nothing out of expectations happened.

Top teams hiding lots of pace outside of Red Bull.
I watched most of the testing. The lack of mechanical issues was very impressive. I think the most drastic thing we saw the whole time was Logan Sargent spinning! That, and the FIA needs to get a grip on these drain covers.

It's impossible to know how hard anyone was pushing but Red Bull just made it look effortless.

A friend signed me up for F1.com and I'm very impressed with it.
F1 opening weekend kinda snuck up on me.
Saturday races first 2 weekends. Gonna be interesting
to see where RedBulls headspace will be. Hamiltons
last season for Mercedes will be covered extensively .
Still would like to know if he still has the factory keys.
If anyone hears , please post.
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