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  1. DanicaFreak

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    A farmer has 30 cows and 28 chickens. How many didnt?
  2. DanicaFreak

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  3. PRR1957

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    Is this now some of the new math being taught in public schools. ?????????????
  4. BobbyFord

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    But they’re herbivores...
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  5. muggle not

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    Ok, I give up?
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  6. Truex_rox

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    Is this a common core joke? :wacko:
  7. pistolshooter

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    58 very simple
  8. Clutch

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    The full riddle goes: There's 30 cows in a field, 20 ate chickens, how many didn't? People are getting confused online because it sounds like 28, instead of 20 ate. That's why you need to listen the videos very carefully.

    So if you do the simple math: 30-20= 10.

    Except for DF who of course had to screw the whole thing up.
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  9. Johali

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