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Restrictor Plate King!

Ok, how about old racecars. What is your favorite racecars from the past:

1990 Goodwrench Lumina restrictor plate car driven at Daytona & Talladega
1987 Wrangler Chevy Monte Carlo
1994 Texaco Havoline Fords driven at Sonoma & the plate races
1984 Hardee's Chevy Monte Carlo
1991 Texaco Havoline Ford, Krispy Kreme on rear quarter panels
1989 Texaco Havoline Ford
1988 Miller High Life Buick Daytona 500 winner
1990 Coors Ford Thunderbird
1990 Kool Aid Pontiac Grand Prix (BGN Series)
1998 DuPont Chromalusion The Winston car
1997 Wheaties Chevy Monte Carlo
1998 Bass Pro Shops Chevy Monte Carlo
1992 Budweiser Ford Thunderbird
1989 Zerex Ford Thunderbird
1995-96 Kodak Chevy Monte Carlo Restrictor plate car
1989 Sunoco Olds Cutlass Supreme
1980 Busch Beer Monte Carlo
1979 STP Monte Carlo
1999 Home Depot Pontiac

Just a few of mine...

But I have an everlasting fondness for this as well.
1970 STP Plymouth
1999 Hot Wheels Pontiac
2000 Goodwrench Chevy
2005 Goodwrench Chevy
The K & K Dodge driven by Bobby Isaac, with Harry Hyde as the crew chief.
I love the clean simple lines, the hell with the frilly paint jobs.
^ 1973 CAMRA Super Modified

Aluminum / honeycomb monocoque chassis constructed in a two-car garage in Spokane, Washington. Ahead of its time and very fast.
This old Jack Ingram Nova captures a lot of my imagination. Nothing fancy but everything worked and it was consistently fast, almost never missing the setup.
I loved his simple brown bag #11 cars, and the Novas from that era was great.

Charlie Jarzombek ran this paint scheme on many modified cars and years
The Munchkin Midget that many probably will remember from the old ESPN Thursday Night Thunder races.

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