Fernando Alonso - 2018 Rolex 24 appearance?

Discussion in 'Sports Car Racing' started by FLRacingFan, Oct 11, 2017.

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    I ran this through Google Translate, sounds like he and Paul di Resta will contest the race with United Autosports (Zak Brown's team) next year. They had already confirmed Lando Norris (McLaren Young Driver and 2017 Euro F3 champion) and Will Owen in one car earlier in the year and Zak said in August if Jenson Button wants in one of the cars they'd love to have him as well.


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    Pretty exciting to see Ricky Taylor and the rest of the stars driving a Daytona Prototype for Penske, and now maybe this? I know how I am Jonesin for a race by that time of the year. Man I hope there is a way to get decent coverage of the 24 race.
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    You oughta go. Its a wonderful experience.
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    Since Alonso has said he wants to do Lemans, this would be a good opportunity to get some endurance experience. Would love to see him race here.
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    More power to Alonso!

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