final tx SCCA race of year results..


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Oct 18, 2005
Ft Worth Tx
Dr. Woods, Drew, and Richard split 07 (took top 2 places i believe, Woods had a 50 second lap)

Tam and Josh split 03 (roundabout 10th on speed charts)

Chris Craig and Nico split a Pontiac GTO (time not sure)

JP drove his BMW 740i (fastest time was 71 secs)

I drove my dakota and got to ride in a corvette (quickest time was 75.7 seconds)

Jerry drove his sebring (time not sure)

Ashley took pictures and got a ride-along in a lotus and corvette

Jeremy took high definition video (1080i for documentary)

photos, video, and results sometime this week.

the track was a very high speed track in the Le Grave field south parking lots in fort worth.

The guy i rode in the corvette with, he rode with me for my first 3 runs, critiqing my style and getting me to learn about my truck. MY fourth run was a nightmare (drove in way over my head in 3 of the tight turns) and still picked up 4 tenths on the speed chart.

out of 12 people present, 10 drove. Not bad!
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