First Date??

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How old were you when you dad your 1st date?

Under 13




over 18
Though Kat, I never did dad a 1st date????:anon: :hyper:
Originally posted by ghettozoe03
16 kinda old  i know

NO Zoe, not too old, just smart.
My 1st date was at age 15 and my DAD drove me and the guy to the movies and picked us up.
I could not tell ya because I have never been on a date.

I didn't do my first date.She was 17,and I was 15.IM In loveeeee,with the older wooman.Like Billy De Williams sang. :p
I just gotta share a story about my first real date. I swear every word of this is true.

My first real date was with a young lady whose parents were friends with my folks, but that didn't keep her from being a knockout. :lovewow: She was, however, a tad on the conservative side.

I spent the day (Saturday) cleaning, polishing, detailing and otherwise perfecting my car...1967 Cougar, 289 high performance, all chrome, sweet ride. My father eventually came out into the yard where I was nearly finished. My dad is not what you would call the nurturing, open type. He admired the fruits of my day's labor, and said, "I guess we need to have a little talk, huh?"

Now, he had never had THAT talk with me, so I'm thinking, "OK, here we go, this oughta be entertaining." After confirming that it was indeed Becky (not her real name) that I was going out with, he ave me a little spending money and said the following words to me:

"I want you to have fun tonight. I want you to drive like you got some sense, treat Becky with respect, treat her parents with respect, and have her home when they tell you to. Most of all, I want you to keep one thing in mind. If you ain't in bed by 9:00, you may as well come on home."

Some advice, huh? Becky, by the way, was NOT as impressed. Love ya, Dad.
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