Fischer Motor Company To Debut Superbike In 2004



America with a superbike? and in my homestate of Illinois? Dang I hope this bike kicks some arse :)

Fischer Motor Company To Debut Superbike In 2004
By Dirck Edge

The following press release was received by MD. It concerns an Illinois corporation, Fischer Motor Company, which is developing a sportbike chassis to house engines of various displacement, with products scheduled for introduction and sale in late 2004.

Working with famed stylist Glynn Kerr, according to Fischer's website, both chassis engineering and styling are in advanced stages. Fischer's website claims video footage of testing of a prototype will appear on the website this month. Here is the press release:

Fischer Motor Company, an Illinois Corporation, is pleased to announce the development of the first American Superbike of the modern era. A collaboration among several top industry veterans, the Fischer MR Series will be the first American motorcycle to offer world-class performance and styling, and will accomplish this by using the world's best suppliers. The vision of company president and former racer Dan Fischer, the MR1000 is the first product from the new company, scheduled to go into production- in Chicago- late in 2004.

The chassis was developed by Gemini Technology Systems of Mukwonago, Wisconsin. Extensive research was performed on many of the bikes currently offered by the various manufacturers, and also the known numbers for some of the GP bikes. "That's where we based our geometry," says company president Dan Fischer. "The MR chassis was done entirely in CAD before any metal was cut. While the frame looks massive on the computer screen, it's actually quite small like a GP chassis, but that gives the flexibility to build bikes for a variety of purposes and riders of any size. We also made sure that various engines could be used, since building our own complete motor is still some time away. With Gemini in charge of engineering, we'll definitely have some performance engine parts that are ours on the first product." Gemini is well known for getting the most out of the Harley VR1000 Superbike. "The technology Gemini possesses is incredible," says Fischer, "everything from CNC to FEA to Computrack to carbon fiber."

Styling is another area where Fischer has brought in world-class talent. Famed Stylist Glynn Kerr penned the original drawings and collaborates on design decisions directly at the Fischer R&D/engineering facility. Kerr supervised clay modeling himself, and brings his experience working with almost every major manufacturer to the program.

The prototypes use the Rotax V-997 cc engine, the same one used in the Aprilia Mille and their other big bikes. Rotax engineers worked with Fischer and Gemini during development, but the Fischer chassis was planned for use with multiple V-twins, in various displacements.

While the planning stage alone took almost a year, the talent involved and the technology available, including rapid prototyping machines, has moved the project along to where test bikes are now being built.

Every motorcycle is the sum of its parts," continues Fischer, "that's why we look at every single part for everything from weight savings to styling. Having this much talent involved with the project means that there isn't just attention to the details, there's experience tending to the details, and that means everything."
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