For us Train Guys

Pretty impressive.

That was special. I grew up in a town where the railroad divided the town and tracks were next to our house on an embankment. My bedroom was second floor, trackside, and I remember hearing the train whistle blow in the middle of the night as a crossing warning and to stop at the station to pick up freight. It was a comforting sound in a way.
As quickly I recall awakening in the night to a different sound of the train whistle replaced by a horn and rugged sounds of a diesel engine.
Several summers we picked up and dropped off my aunt at Beacon, NY, just across the Hudson River from Newburg. She lived in St. Lawrence County on the Canadian Border and took the train, a steam engine the New York Central used on the tracks that followed the Hudson River.
That is impressive!!! The detail on everything is incredible. While the video is lengthy, it is definitely worth watching if you like trains/model trains and craftsmanship. It all comes through in the video. Would definitely put this on my list of things I'll never get to but would like to.
Love a good massive layout. My favorite is Northlandz in New Jersey.

Though someday I'd like to visit Miniture Wonderland in Germany.
Northlandz is okay. Been there twice, last visit in 2019. It does have sections that appear to be unfinished but that might be because it is a work in progress. Otherwise it is a good attraction.
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