Force loses pts lead



for the first time in a while John has lost the points lead durning the season and it was to his 3rd car that is a R&D team, i guess they are doing some good research.
I wouldn't bet against Force though "should" he not be champion at the years end, guess he'll be happy if a team car/driver is.
i don't know it seems to be having some trouble. How about pro stcok boy is that a hard feild this year!!!!!!!!!!
The only thing i know is that the Force team is one heckof a good tam they are 1-2-3 in the points race!!!
iseriously doubt that john is a very competitve guy and in some of his interveiews(if you can keep up with what he is saying) you can tell that he is kinda mad at times that he is not winning but is glad that his teams are 1-2-3
and just like old times, he is back in the lead after the win at St. Louis.

That kinda solves the arguement of letting Densham win huh?
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