Free, at last! ! !


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Sep 18, 2001
Deep in the heart of Texas
My civic duty is done, and I'm free! ! !

Sitting in a jury box, then a jury room is not the most exciting thing in the world.

Oh, Lord, am I glad to be home. :loveya
Howdy, TRL!

Glad ya duty is done. Fair amount of readin around for ya to catch up on. Kick back and set a spell!

Wanted to mention there is a thread over on the NASCAr board called "Yew two can be a jernalist" that I think you will get a kick out of.:)
I would rather play pick up sticks with my butt TRL.Glad your free again. :p
ROTFL --- no, wasn't that kind of case. Family Law Court--- divorce case with property dispute involving fraud.

The wife(the plaintiff) was a bit surprised when we didn't agree with her charges of fraud and denied her the bundle of money she wanted. The divorce was part was easy --- those two definitely didn't need to be married.
waiting to be picked, been there, done that, soooooooooooooo bored, while on lunch break we all went out and got smackered, played pool, and this was about 15 years ago in RI.

purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr for doing your civic duty.
Unfortuanatly Ive never had the excitment of jury duty...poor me.
Bill, this is the first time I ever was chosen in all the years I've been called. It was fascinating to watch the system at work. I must say, being a juror requires paying close attention to what is being said.

The judge in this case was a by-the-book person. She took the lawyers to task quite frequently over their "lollygagging" tactics with some of the witnesses. She told them more than once that their playing for time was not going to be tolerated, and to get on with the case.

When it came time for her to give the instructions to the jury, we all paid close attention. LOL
Originally posted by TexasRaceLady
My brain is fried, and my butt is petrified.  Why are chairs in a jury box so damned hard?
So you don't get too comfy and fall :snore:
TRL...You got lucky. I had to sit as the alternate on a sex abuse case a few months back. The guy who did it got away with it because the cops screwed up too much and the 6yr old girls mother was lying about the guy being her boyfriend. They lost credibility and the girl lost a whole lot more. That was gut-wrenching!
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