Gibbs officially switches, Poncho will run



Joe Gibbs made the expected announcement this morning that his teams will switch to Chevrolets next year. He also said that the team may run a few races with the Monte Carlo this season. This news was leaked earlier this weekend so that announcement comes as no surprise.

But the rumor mill requires constant fodder to sustain its life;

Pontiac states that they will remain in Winston Cup racing and intend to field cars for the foreseeable future:

Pontiac officials said Sunday they still plan to field entries in NASCAR.

"Pontiac will be racing in 2003. We're very excited about the new car," said Doug Duchhardt, NASCAR Group Manager for General Motors Racing. "We're working on some new teams. We're in negotiations with some teams."

"We're quite confident we'll have a good lineup next year to campaign for the Pontiacs."

Who will the Poncho teams be??

I hope they do switch to Chevy's this year. My guess is that Gibbs feels that Tony might have a better run at the championship this year in a Chevy.
Tony had this to say about the switch.

TONY STEWART, driver of the #20 Home Depot Pontiac…

You've spent your entire stock car career behind the wheel of a Pontiac. How do you feel about the switch to Chevrolet for 2003?

"Ever since I ran a stock car with Harry Ranier back in 1996, I've been in a Pontiac. And even then, when I was just another guy trying to break into NASCAR, Pontiac was very supportive of my career. Obviously, they've been pretty good to me, on the track and off. I've always said that these cars all look the same from behind the steering wheel, and I never really got into the debate about manufacturers. But lately, especially this year, I think we've seen areas where the Pontiac could use some help.

"I just want what everybody else has. I don't want to be beat by a rules package. If I'm going to get beat, I want it to be by another driver. And I think being in a larger group, where Joe (Gibbs) can go into the NASCAR hauler and plead our case if it needs pleading, will help, because it won't just be Joe, it'll be Richard Childress, Rick Hendrick and DEI (Dale Earnhardt Inc.). We've been so good with the Pontiac for so long that we need to find new ways to make ourselves better. Comparing our cars to a bunch of different teams that have the same stuff we do should make us a better a race team. As a driver, that's all I'm ever looking for."
Why did he switch in the first olace? Was it because he felt that Nascar was going to be more generous with the Pontiac rules package. That changes from day to day.
oops, didnt see this thread, sorry:eek:
i think gibbs will prosper horrifically by switching
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