Good evening, gang.


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Sep 18, 2001
Deep in the heart of Texas
Adventures in Jury Duty today. Had so much fun today, I get to do it again tomorrow! :(

Got chosen. Heard one side today, do the other side tomorrow. Such fun. :(

Am totally pooped.
Ooh, TRL had to do that once. Luckily my trial was a one day deal and an easy one at that. A slum-lord thing. Hope it's nothing too bad!

We missed you by the way!
Thanks, HH. Family Court --- divorce proceedings with property dispute. Thank heavens, no kids involved.

Hopefully won't be a late day tomorrow. *fingers crossed*
:waver:Good to see ya' TRL,
:beerchug: Now ya' just sit back an relax, we're glad your here.
Jury Duty heh...keep wondering when they're gonna pull my name out of the far; so good.

Was wondering why I hadn't seen you around , catch up on the posts and relax while you can.

tommorrow, the "other side of the story":)
I was chosen once for the pool, but they didn't have any trials for that week.
you should've cited that your hatred for all racial groups would un-able you to make a fair decision, if they still pick you, then start yelling out, "hang the sonuvabitch!" in the middle of the trial, they usually will let you off the hook..:)
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