good luck to b-hobbie drivers



ya'll doin some good racing out there keep it up! especially Chris T, David(daddy) Stone and Joey Strickland
Just checkin to see if this works......Good luck to the red rockit. lets see if we can bring home #6. Good luck to all drivers sat.Have fun and stay safe.

Bubba and Lee
lol well it does!!! and i fergot good luck to DONNIE to!
oh yeah and o all of the strickland fans i am trying to wait on the stupid laurens website to update then i will have Joeys picture up!
WEll all i am waiting on is Laurens speedway so look on here tomorrow and it'll probally be up! Thanks.
sry it wouldn't o through on on the other post!
Good luck to Chris Taylor!! Hope to see ya in victory lane! Hey katie! :waver: You know I got that TAYLOR SPIRIT! :hyper:
Good Luck Chris :calpping:, Stanley :calpping:, Rickey Dale :calpping: !!! Drive safe:waver:!
GOOD LUCK TO Chris Taylor, David Stone, and Donnie Saterfeild!! Hope to at least one of yall put those cars in victory lane!!!

Love yall, Katie

Hey DiRt AnGeL!! You and that TAYLOR spirit!!! LOL!! Keep it up girl!! I think youre about to be a bigger Chris Taylor fan than I am!! LOL!!

Love ya girl!
well i have to many pics to upload so i ain't gonna fer now i will leave ya clueless!
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