Good Morning, we are burning daylight people!



Got to get the teams into the garage and checked in. Get through tech with the NASCAR stamp of approval. Get the car setup in qualifying trim and ready to roll.

Practice this afternoon and then tape that puppy up to qualify after that!!!

There's much to be done!!!:)

Don't ya wish you were there???
You make it sound so exciting. Good Morning HardScrabble! I'm looking forward to LIVE qualifying today.:D
Hey HS,
Mornin' mornin' the coffee ready yet? Ya' know I can't tune that thing 'til I get woke up.
Coffee's on!!

Jet that carb a touch rich for practice, then we'll make her lean and mean for the Q run, bump the timing all she can take then!!:)
What gear set r we runnin', n' how many rolls of tape do we need?
Yeah! Qualifying today, I am sooo ready for a weekend of racing! Trying to get to the local track tonight.
Here's what we want Walrus

Gear set. We WANT this pole. We wanna hit the rev limiter for at least full one count close to two at the end of the straight. We' ll drop out the limiter for the Q run.

Tape up the the entire front opening 'cept for 2"strip at the bottom of the grill opening, close the valance opening completely. Tape ot so we can open another half inch if we need to. For the Q run we'll tape it completely and drop the radiator pressure relief so the coolant will boil off, should keep us cool enough for two laps.

We want the lightest front springs we got on the truck, adn set the shock bleed offs for almost no rebound. We want the nose on the ground and we want it stay there!!

After practice we stick the light rotors and pads on, we don't need much brake. Reckon we can get the aluminum lugnuts through tech??
Sounds like you got the set-up Boss, I'll get 'er done fer ya'
Tire pressure we'll start with Goodyear's number for practice and work from there. Last year ths track had a lot of grip, so we might be able to run the pressures pretty high for qualifying. We'll see what the track temp and air temp are then and adjust. We want as much pressure as will hold the track.

One can for practice, for qualifying we should only need about 4 or 5 gals.

And don't forget to charge that battery to the max after practice, we might drop the alternator for the Q run.
Right, humidity, barometric pressure and temp. We gotta be careful here. We want lean and we want lots of ignition timing. But we're not sure we're gonna have two grooves Sunday, we didn't last year, so if we hurt the motor and go to the back, we have to come up with a new pit strtegy for the race jsut to get track position.

Oh yeah, and send somebody over to the palace to wake up the dem driver!!
That would be a good idea, wouldn't it? Guess we need a butt in the seat to steer the thing. LOL

If we can't find him, wonder if Jocko Flocko is still around. ;)
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