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Wasn't the racing a whole lot more interesting when changing tires actually made a difference? Let's go back to the softer tires, with more grip and bring the tire strategy back into the mix!!
Um, I like the idea behind the poll, but the question is "is racing better or worse" and the answers are yes/no. I'm confused!
My bad, perhaps a moderator could correct this for me...since I R not so bright :)
I dunno which to answer but I know for a fact that it is worse. WAY WAY worse than it was five years ago. I dunno what GoodYear is trying to prove but they are screwing up our racing. If it gets much worse then I'll have to go back to being a full time F1 fan.
soft tires, hard tires?? depends on the track, heat/cold, and more.

Overall, I think Goodyear is doing a good job.
Softer tires would definitely change the tire strategy. But, hey with tires that will last 100 miles it is tire strategy too. The veterans are the ones suffering until they learn they don't have to stop and take on 4. DW would never have survived these tires.
oops,I forgot, Windsor shoult have the perfect reply when he gets online.
I don't know enough about tires to say which way was better, but the drivers always seem to say the same damn thing about them every time: Goodyear brought a great tire...

Is this mandatory to say? Are drivers trained to say that exact phrase, along with all the plugs they naturally insert for their car manufacturers and sponsors? It just seems like such a cliche that I have to wonder.
Obviously you haven't caught on yet. It's not really the drivers talking. They are standing there griping and complaining as they used to do. Only NASCAR can't have that on TV. Sponsors, ad revenue and all. What you are hearing is actually 1 guy who can imitate most of the drivers and he reads from a prepared script. Did you see Gunselman, or Shepard, or Schelen-whatever? The guy they had went on to Hollywood and the new guy can't do Jimmie Johnson or Jimmy Spencer. That's why you haven't seen them interviewed in a while. :D
Yea abooja, I'd love to hear them say something different. Something like: "Goodyear brought a crap tire today, I dunno what they were thinking or how we won on that new tire of theirs cause it sucks":satisfied
the problem with the racing is the aero push! I don't think softer tires will change that!

Something needs to be done !

But I don't believe anyone knows the answer!

While I would agree that the over mentioned aero push is a problem I would have to say that the tires are also a major problem. How else could a ccar that had 40+ laps on it's tires run as fast as cars with fresh tires?
I think the problem is that teams are not given a choice as to what kind of compound they want to run. They get what they get.
The drivers and teams are welcome to make any statement they wish regarding the tires Goodyear decides are best for any ot the tracks.

Goodyear shows up at the track with over 1000 tires to get through all the weekends racing activiities. All loaded into big blue traliers.

Inside the big blue trailer is always a stack or two of "special" tires. These are for exclusive distribution to those drivers and teams who have suggested that previous tires were not up to snuff.:D
I think the "New Tires" are better and more reliable and bring about better racing and I think there is more tire strategy now then there ever was, before you had to get new tires all the time because the tires were worn and you needed them, now they don't wear as much so you don't have to change them as much making it a hard desicion to make wether to change 2, 4, or none.
Tire Wars.

For me the subject is one of neverending personal conflict. The presence of a competitor to Goodyear has lead to faster speeds and offers the opportunity for more complex strategies for the teams. Both are laudable within certain parameters. It would in this context bring another facet of the game to be debated and argued.

On the other hand the most recent tire wars conjure up images I would as soon forget.

The most recent challerger to Goodyear's stranglehold on WC racing has been Hoosier. First in 1988 and again in 1994.

In 1988, Hoosier came on the scene bringing a very sticky and very fast tire. Goodyear responded by developing new compounds to compete with the upstart intruder to its throne. Reliability was sacrificed and cars began blowing tires regularly resulting in many hard crashes and some injuries. Most notable was probably Ricky Rudd. A hard crash at Charlotte in 1988 nearly put an early end to the "Iron Man" run Ricky started a few years earlier. The crash nearly destroyed all of the cartilage and ligaments in his knee and doctors recommended immediate surgery. This surgery would have removed Ricky from the drivers seat for several weeks. Another specialist was consulted and concocted a knee brace which allowed Rudd to continue racing for the balance of the season. Goodyears release in 1989 of the Eagle Racing Radial ended Hoosiers challenge.

In 1994 Hoosier again returned to WC racing at Daytona. their debut was a disaster. In practice sessions on Hoosier tires Neil Bonnet and Rodney Orr were both fatally injured. Andy Farr also on Hoosiers was seriously injured. Though there may have been contributing factors other than tire failure, Hoosier withdrew its tires form the event. But the tire war was on and tire failures again grew all to common. Later that year in Michigan a Goodyear tire failure sent Ernie Irvan into a crash which for intents and pruposes ended his carerr and very nearly his life. Later yet that season a Hoosier tire failure sent the main Hoosier runner Geoff Bodine hard into the wall at Atlanta. Hoosier withdrew from WC competition at that point, citing a ruling by NASCAR which required both tire suppliers to furnish enough tires at each race to adequately supply every car entered whcih resulted in enormous financial losses for the relatively tiny Indiana tire company.

If warring tire manufacturers could improve the tires in all aspects without compromising driver safety, I'm all for it. Otherwise I'd rather sit this one out.
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