Gotta hate rocket scientists that think all racing is the same...

Discussion in 'Other Racing' started by Professur, Feb 23, 2015.

  1. Professur

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  2. Johali

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    Holy Moly.
  3. DanicaFreak

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    I like but that story sucked
  4. gone

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    It's a different kind of race. I'd blame the article's writer for the NASCAR reference - I doubt the X Prize people made it, based on reading past press releases by them.

    I suspect whoever wins will spend more than $20 million to do it.
  5. Professur

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    In today's news, SpaceX has landed yet another first stage. That's one on land and 2 by sea. This one was a geo-sync launch so they were surprised themselves at pulling it off. Looks like they AI doing the landing has been learning from all those failed attempts. I wonder if the Falcon Heavy will try to land as one piece, or split into three separate first stages. Gonna need more barges.
  6. DUN24

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    I, for one am extremely excited about the inagural Lunar Surface Sprint Cup Formula One E-Prix.
  7. RacerrecaR

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    I might be intrigued by this if I thought it was possible for humans or technology to travel to the moon.

  8. aunty dive

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    Me too.

    I wonder if they'll shorten this event so they don't have to to change to cars with fresh batteries at halfway?
  9. aunty dive

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    Ryan Newman? Is that you?
  10. Professur

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    And in today's news, SpaceX pulls off not only launching a rocket for the second time, but landing it again so it can be used a third time. And, the payload delivery was totally routine and uneventful.
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