Great Place You Have Here, Some Questions Though



I've only been here a short time, but around sports forums for some time. What is great about this pace to me is the fact the place does'nt thive on drama and/or bashing, unless it's in a playful manner.

It has been a very nice change from I'm used to. Other sites drum up crap to beef up views, multiple ghosts running around trying to make the place look like traffic is sky high to grab the attention of sponsors, and on and on.....

The question I have for the powers to be here is, what is the mission of this forum? Not criticizing one bit here, I would just like to know....The obvious reasons are clear, which makes this a very nice place to visit. I guess what I'm asking is what the comfort level is concerning attracting more members and sponsors? Pleas don't take this the wrong way, the place is great, ran clean and good folks here. I would just like to get a feel for how you want the forum to go.

Thanks, and keep up the good work
Thank you for your kind words --- all of us appreciate them.

New members who enjoy talking/debating/arguing without getting personal are always welcome.

Our owner is the one who decides what sponsors ads are allowed. We work hard to keep persons out whose only desire is to drum up business for their site/business or whatever.

I keep a very close eye on those registering for membership. I run new members ISP to see if they are registered under another name. I also check to see if they've been reported as a known spammer.

Again, thank you.
Thanks TRL, that answers my question. Good to know you guys aren't driven by the greed most site owners are.....Guess that's what makes this a good place to be.:beerbang:
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