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Discussion in 'Modifieds' started by Mopardh9, Apr 22, 2011.

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    For all you old timers like me here is a great website that has a lot of history , great photos, and some old video of racing around the Northeast.
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    Thanks for posting the website. Although I didn't know the New England drivers unless they came south to Middletown, NY, Nazareth, PA or Flemington, NJ, it is always fun to review the past and the drivers from that era. Those New England drivers were among the best in the country.
    My days as owner/driver were in the late 1950's when I raced a strictly stock flathead. No trailers or fancy trucks as we flat towed to all the races, many times three different tracks in one weekend. I did win one race and as the winner took a victory lap, there was a photographer in the infield of the first turn to take a picture of the winner. I stuck my head out the window so far there was no way they would miss who got the win that night. I still have the photo and if I can find it will post it here.

    Later gave up my not so illustrious career as a driver/owner and began starting races at tracks in the NY/NJ/PA areas. Still have a vivid recollection of my first time starting a TQ midget race. Those guys were nutz!! Back then, the starter stood on the side of the track, all signals were by flags and there were no lights or starter stand overhanging the track surface.

    How many remember the Rheingold Girls?
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    Did you ever attend any races at Trenton? Went down there with my dad and his buddy back in 1973 to see the USAC guys, it was a twin bill, USAC Indy cars and the USAC Stocks. Pretty cool watching AJ Foyt wheel a stock car then jump into a Indy car. I couldn't believe how fast they were going and the high pitched noise of all those revs. I was used to that low rumble of the Modifieds, it was pretty cool for sure, but I couldn't understand why they put that right turn dog leg down the back stretch!
  4. Whizzer

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    I was a regular attender at Trenton when the Indy cars came in April. Funny thing is, several years ago, when we were sorting things out before moving to NC from NJ, I came across a letter I had sent to my soon to be bride, inviting her to go to an Indy car race with me. Judy was in college at the time and it required logistical manipulations to get her back to the dorm on time. For those of you who do not recall, college and dormitory living was an entirely different ball game back then. Anyway, contained in the envelope was a flyer advertising the Trenton race, pre-1963. I gave it to my son and he had it framed and it is currently hanging in his office. If you are interested, I could ask him to email it to me and I can either post it here or send it to you. It is four pages with pictures and printed in red ink.

    I got sucked into Indy cars when a gentleman named Churchill Harden, a resident of the town I grew up in, bought an Indy car. The car was named "Basement Bessie," as it was built in a cellar and after finishing it, had to dismantle the car to get it out of the basement! Bruce Jacobi was one of the drivers for Mr. Harden. Here is a bit of history on that car.

    It was a thrill for me to go to the garage where they worked on it. I'd hang around waiting for them to fire up that Meyer Drake Offy; and that sound was like music. Mr. Harden used to haul it to the races on a trailer pulled with a Ford pickup. Bet that old pickup grunted a lot of miles because in those days there were no interstates so a trip to Indianapolis was a major undertaking.
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    Yep the good old days when you could tow a car behind your truck and race. Indy cars back then to me were so dangerous, I couldn't understand why anyone would want to race without a roof and full roll cage!!
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    Absolutely insane racing back then.
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    awesome video, thanks :)
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    What was amazing about that video is that some of those guys walked away after getting thrown out of their cars!

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