Guaranteed (almost) Better Weather May 16, 2004



If you missed the wettest weekend (April3-4, 2004) in NM history since 1893, be thankful! In spite of hideous weather, about 60 drivers and workers endured cold, wet, windy, and yucky to drive Sandia's treacherous South course with 8 turns and 1 mile (the North half had several water obstacles).

Fastest laps were a turbo Nissan at just under 1 minute. Close behind was a 2002 Vette Z06 at about 64 seconds.

Next event is a one day school, race, lapping day on May 16, 2004. Chaired by our local Tiger and Pantera owners, we be looking for high horsepower cars for this Muscle Car Mania event!

Do you have family or friends near Albuquerque who might appreciate your letting them know about us? Heck, if you're less than a days drive away, start your vacation plans early. Visit us that weekend, tow the race car, bolt in a roll cage, hook up that new 6 point harness, mount them new gum balls (remember, sports car drivers do it with gum balls!), let go racing!
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