Guy Martin confirms Triumph speed record attempt at Bonneville

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    Guy Martin and Triumph Motorcycles have officially confirmed that they will return to the legendary salt flats of Bonneville, USA, this month to break the motorcycle world land speed record – as reported in MCN on July 13.

    Triumph’s aim is to exceed the current record that stands at 376.363 mph, using its purpose built 1000 bhp Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner, which will be piloted over the measured mile will be Isle of Man TT racer and multiple speed record holder, Guy Martin – with a little bit of help from global cloud applications provider Infor, and clothing brand Belstaff.

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    Hopefully the weight of his massive balls doesn't slow him down.

    Guy Martin is one of the most famous and ballsiest motorcycle riders in the world. The English racer competes in the brutal Isle of Man TT race every year and regularly places among the top 10. And we all know how challenging that course can be in a car, let alone a motorcycle. Now, it appears as though the legend of two wheels is looking to go even faster by breaking the land speed record for a two-wheeled vehicle. Martin will attempt the record with the help of Triumph's 1,000-hp streamliner.
    The record attempt will take place at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. The current record stands at 376.363 mph. As you can see in the video, testing has not gone well for Martin and his team. Here's hoping he can safely pull off 377 mph when it really counts!

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    That thing is a motorcycle?
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    It's a streamlined motorcycle.

    This is the current world record holder.:eek:

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    Great article. Information as to what's going on is limited and kinda frustrating. Good luck, Guy!

    t takes a special kind of human to even seriously consider travelling inches above the ground at 377mph.

    To actually do it you’ve got to be either crazy or superhuman. Guy Martin, by his own admission, is neither.

    But Matt Markstaller, the engineering genius behind Triumph’s imminent land speed record bid, is optimistic the motorsport legend has the right mix ‘to be the guy’.

    “It’s the most challenging thing he has ever done. It’s probably only one in a million people who would do this and would be capable of doing it,” said Matt.

    With testing well advanced ahead of August’s attempt, Matt hailed the Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner as ‘aerodynamically, as good as it gets’. Guy has the messianic look in his eyes of a man determined to power his way into the history books as he coos over the Triumph machine like a kid in a sweet shop.
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    Sick! Sounds like all is going well. I think the only thing that will cause Guy from breaking the record will be Mother Nature.

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    Triumph Land Speed - Testing - Day 5
    By Triumph Motorcycles Global · Updated 8 hours ago
    After the high winds of yesterday the team were greeted with near perfect conditions as dawn broke on the fifth day. As the sun began to rise above the horizon spirits were high within the team as they carried out preparations for the day’s first run.

    With confidence high within the team after the first successful run, Crew Chief and Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner designer Matt Markstaller and his team worked quickly to check over the bike before head back for another run. With each pass of the day Guy continued to improve pushing the streamliner a little harder each time, achieving a faster speed on each run he made. With several high speed passes successfully undertaken and with the temperature and wind speed rising the team called time on their runs just after lunchtime, delighted with the day’s performance. The rest of the afternoon saw the team begin to make preparations for the next day, which will be the last day of testing on the salt for the Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner this week.
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    Following a successful practice session at the Bonneville Salt Flats, achieving a speed of 274.2 mph to become the world’s fastest ever Triumph , Triumph Motorcycles has confirmed the attempt to set a new outright motorcycle Land Speed World Record will take place mid-September, 2016, weather permitting.

    Piloted by TT star Guy Martin the Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner will return to the famous Bonneville salt flats and attempt to beat the current 376.8mph record speed on an 11 mile-long course. Despite having a good course surface for testing the team felt that the salt wasn’t yet fully capable of supporting a top-speed streamliner run. In consultation with FIM course manager Mike Cook the team are targeting the September dates as the best possible opportunity for the optimal course conditions required for the record attempt.

    The practice week, which ended with the 274.2mph run on Tuesday 9th August, demonstrated that both the Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner and rider Guy Martin are ready for the task ahead. Martin’s first week in the streamliner saw him master the controls of the 1,000bhp streamliner very quickly – achieving all of the goals set by Crew Chief and Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner designer Matt Markstaller and his team.

    When asked about returning in September Markstaller commented: “We achieved a great deal during our test week at Bonneville and feel we are in a great position to move ahead with our record attempt. Guy settled into the streamliner very quickly and impressed us with the speed in which he mastered both the motorcycle and riding on the salt.”

    “While conditions were some of the best I have seen over the last few years, we feel there is still some room for improvement. When chasing a record such as this on two wheels the conditions have to be the very best they can be, to give us the greatest chance of achieving the speeds we require to set a new record. We feel that waiting a few further weeks will provide us with even better conditions and put us in the ideal position to make our record attempt.”

    Photos © 2016
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    The last few weeks have seen the team begin final preparations for the Land Speed Record attempt, following its successful practice runs at Bonneville at the beginning of August. The practice week saw TT Legend Guy Martin get acquainted with the Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner on the salt for the first time. Throughout the week, Guy and the Streamliner performed excellently and the test week came to an end with Guy setting a new Triumph record of 274.1 MPH, to become the fastest ever Triumph Motorcycle.

    Pleased with the week’s work, Matt Markstaller, lead designer and crew chief of the Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner, and his team, undertook the sixteen hour trip home from Bonneville to the team’s base in Portland, Oregon to begin final preparations.

    Even though the Streamliner had only covered approximately 20 miles on the salt during the week, the first job that faced the team was the mammoth task of cleaning the entire vehicle. This is a very time consuming task, that takes the team an entire week to complete. During this time the Streamliner is cleaned up to four times, to remove the salt collected during each high speed run where it forces its way into each and every component.

    Following the mammoth job of cleaning the Streamliner, the next task that faced the team was to begin removing and inspecting the major components. This process saw the team remove the engines to conduct a series of visual and mechanical checks.

    During the engine inspection, the oil and filters are changed and a visual check is conducted for any wear or visible signs of stress points on both engines. With this complete, the engines were sent to the dyno to carry out a series of power simulations to re-check each unit’s performance and make sure everything is OK with the motors.

    While the engines have been on the dyno, the rest of the team inspected the monocoque, suspension and drive train components. Each part has to be meticulously checked for any signs of wear or stress and then serviced and lubricated, before being refitted to the Streamliner.

    The time back at their base in Portland was also used to change the specialist Goodyear Land Speed tyres. While normally a simple process on a road motorcycle, the process on the streamline involves 200 screws being removed and the wheel stripped, down before the tyre can be changed. The whole process is then reversed and, before both wheels are refitted to the bike, they are sent away to be checked to ensure they are balanced correctly and are structurally sound.

    Due to the high speed the tyres need specialist preparation and testing. To do this, the team has to send the wheels and tyres to a specialist testing facility. This facility, is the only place in the USA that can undertake testing over 400 MPH and underload to ensure can cope with the stresses placed on them during the record runs.

    With just a week remaining before heading back to salt final components are being refitted, the trailer is being packed and the Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner is being loaded for the 16 hour return journey to the salt.

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    No Land Speed Record attempt for Guy today
    Published: Yesterday 21:30

    The much-anticipated Triumph Motorcycles Rocket Streamliner land speed record attempt won't go ahead today due to adverse weather conditions, which have led to poor salt conditions.

    Triumph have just released an official statement, which reads:

    "Following a course inspection, Triumph Motorcycles has confirmed that it has postponed running for today due to the course conditions.

    "While the track conditions continue to improve, this afternoon’s course inspection showed that there are still areas at the upper limits of the eleven mile salt flat course that are still too wet to safely undertake any runs at present.

    "Regular course inspections will continue to be conducted by the team throughout the rest of the afternoon and preparations have begun to ready everything for tomorrow’s scheduled runs."

    "To perform at this level we need the optimum conditions – and today we didn’t quite have the course conditions we needed. We will be back on the salt tomorrow morning ready to go and we’re looking forward to getting underway with our record attempt” said Matt Markstaller, Crew Chief and Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner designer.

    We'll bring you a further update as soon as we're back on the Bonneville Salt Flats in the morning.
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    Well, that blows!

    Breaking news: Guy Martin just toppled over in Triumph streamliner. Rider fine and out of bike.

    Breaking! Guy Martin just set off under tow but streamliner has just fallen over.
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    Triumph Motorcycles Global
    42 mins ·
    On heading up to the start finish line under tow at the 2 mile marker the Triumph Infor Rocket passed over a rut in the track which along with the soft surface caused the vehicle to fall onto its side. Guy is in great shape, the vehicle is undamaged and currently being re-prepped. We are also assessing whether the surface further up the track is suitable for a further run this afternoon.
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    They made a run this morning but had some electrical issues.

    Team say an electrical issue was starving bike of power. Good for another run later this am. #triumph #GuyMartin
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    Welp electrical issues and far from ideal salt conditions have put a stop to attempting to break the land speed record. However, they will be back to try again. Here's a fantastic article about what went down.

    Guy Martin, Triumph and the race to 400mph
    The race for 400mph is on as Guy Martin and his Triumph Infor Streamliner line-up in the alien landscape of Bonneville Speedway. It’s an 11-mile runway of two-inch thick salt crust and home to the fastest men and machines on earth. If only it was that easy though, as our man found out when he went behind the scenes for Triumph and Guy’s record attempt.

    When you’re sat strapped into a 1000bhp, methanol-burning, 25-foot-long carbon-fibre monocoque motorcycle as it slides down the salt crust at 70mph, you’d think you might want to get some time out. Take a breather maybe? But not Guy Martin. Instead, he pulls the canopy off, and takes a walk down to the ruts which caused him to crash the £1 million pound Triumph Infor Streamliner in the soft salt at Bonneville Speedway, Utah, and says: “Let’s go again!”

    Bonneville is an extreme place and this is the race to become the first man and first motorcycle to get to 400mph, and Guy is at the forefront of putting himself on the line, risking everything to try and claim the title as world’s fastest motorcyclist, and the world motorcycle land speed record holder.

    Triumph has backed the Triumph Infor project lead by American team run by hot rod builder and experienced salter, Matt Markstaller, and last month they made a good start by becoming the fastest-ever Triumph with Guy piloting the bike to 274.2mph, smashing the previous fastest Triumph record of 245.667mph set by Bob Leppan in the Gyronaut X-1 in 1966. That’s a great start, but if you’ve ever met Guy Martin, or watched one of his ever-growing avalanche of TV shows, Guy Martin, TV star, former bike racer, finisher of a 2500-mile mountain bike race, and the world’s most famous truck mechanic, you’ll know he doesn’t do things by half. Go big or go home? You bet.

    The outright motorcycle land speed record stands at 376.363mph and was set by Rocky Robinson in 2010 by the twin-engined Suzuki Hayabusa-powered Team Ack Attack streamliner. And, Ack Attack aren’t about to let Guy and Triumph have it their own way. They’re back at Bonneville to try and reclaim their title, if need be. As it is they leave without running, saying that it wasn’t 400mph salt. But not our Guy, who is determined to get a run in.

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    riumph have confirmed that they and Guy Martin will return to Bonneville Salt Flats next year in a new attempt to retake the land speed record.

    The British manufacturer has unfinished business after this year’s attempt was blighted by poor salt conditions that wrote off their high profile effort to not only beat the current record of 376.36mph, set by the Suzuki-powered team Ack Attack in 2010, but to break through the elusive 400mph barrier.

    Martin’s American built streamliner features two destroked and supercharged Triumph Rocket III engines, displacing 3000cc and producing over 1000bhp. Despite clocking 274mph in private testing at the 11-mile course, taking the record for the fastest ever Triumph, the TT podium finisher was unable to set any kind of meaningful time in September’s challenge for the outright record due to the softness of the salt.

    Speaking to the media at last week’s EICMA show in Milan, Triumph’s Chief Commercial Officer, Paul Stroud, said: “We are 100% committed, as is Guy Martin, to breaking the overall motorcycle land speed record. We are absolutely focussed on going way beyond the record that we set this year of 274.2mph, which we broke during testing in incredibly challenging condition, conditions that held us back from a full top speed attempt. Next summer, we will be back at Bonneville. Weather and conditions permitting, we hope to bring the record home to Triumph for the fifth time in the brand’s history, which would be a record in itself.”

    Despite failing to come close to taking the record, Guy’s 2016 attempt was broadcast as part of his Channel 4 show, Speed.
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    There's an excellent piece on the Triumph LSR attempt in the November issue of Motorsport Magazine, written by Martin himself.
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    Yeah, I saw and read it.:) I just don't think conditions will ever be good enough again to break the record. I hope I'm wrong.

    I'm waiting for the mailman to drop off his new book that's supposed to be delivered today.:D

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