Happy B-Day Budgirl


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Mar 8, 2002
Murray, Kentucky
Happy B-Day Budgirl.

:leap: :beerchug: :calpping: :)

I am at the late JIMMY's house and he says Happy B-Day also :)
Happy Birthday budgirl....................
:D :beerchug: :abduct: :dazzler: :rainfro: :jumping: :worm: :lovewow: :itslove:
hope you have a great day!!!
Happy Birthday BudGirl! I hope you have a good one and many more to come.:) :leap: :yeehaw: :booya: :toothy: :beerchug: :waver: :smileyb:
Hapy Birthday Budgirl!!!!

hmmmmm.....picturing the beer ON Budgirl!!!!!! ;):):hyper: :hyper:
Beer on BudGirl.......*Homer Simpson drool*....:beerchug:
Happy Birthday, Budgirl!

I've commissioned some young Chippendales dancers to drop by your place later tonight. You'll recognize them because they'll be dressed like the Brew Crew. ;)


I'm sorry, Budgirl, but Junior's a bit...tied up right now in NYC. But I'll send him right over when I'm done with him!

Go easy on him. He's had a rough weekend. ;)
Happy B day Budgirl,I hope you have many more to come. :) :beerchug: :waver:
Happy B-Day Budgirl! :) I didn't forget, I just work from 5 to 3 now:(

Well, I hope you have lots of money paul, because I am at the bar now:beerchug: Cheers!
Sorry, paul :( It opened up new browser window for me. I can take it down if it's causing problems.
Nah, if it works for everyone else then it's probably something on my end. :eek:
Happy B'day Queen B, Today would be a great day to wear your crown.:D What mexican rest. ya'll heading to tonight?
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