Happy Birthdays



No Winston Cup drivers that I know of today, but two names which have been a large part of NASCAR for some years.

July 25, 1939 - Bill (The Hatman) Brodrick - For those who don't recognize the name Billis the guy you used to see in the Winners Circle who made sure the winning driver got the right hats on in the right order during the interviews.

July 25, 1947 - Ernie Elliott - Crew chief and engine builder for his brother Bill during their heyday, now engine builder for Ganassi.
Happy Bday Enrnie and Bill. Sounds weird lol. Just thought I would say Ernie can build the best engines around, they never break, and produce tons of HP. I still dont understand why Bill didnt insist to have Ernie come with him to Evernham motorsports. I guess Ganassi is happy though.
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