Harvick ... One more and out.


Stages! Stages! We don't need no stinking stages!!
Jul 30, 2014
How about we just wait for him to announce it.

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Harvick to step away from racing fulltime after 2023; expected to join FOX booth
The 2023 NASCAR Cup Series season will be Kevin Harvick’s final one as a fulltime
competitor, but he won’t be leaving the sport anytime soon.
Rodney is freed up now...wants to continue based on his NASCAR Radio interview. Could be interesting. @StandOnIt boy is going to need one after he tears through Randall. Timing might be right.
Harvick hinted loudly last year that this year was probably going to be his last driving. I believe he is 47, he's been at it a long time and had a good run at it. Harvick has always been one of my favorites. He's crazy, chaotic, and he can go from calm to exploding in a split second.
Makes sense. His career has been on down-swing the past two seasons. Had a couple wins last year. Probably knew this was his last contract.
I'm a big fan of his and after reading the comments about the importance of his kids I'm very happy for the decision of 2023 being the last year in NASCAR.
I've never really cared for Harv but also didn't dislike him, kind of weird lol. I will say it makes me sad that one by one we're losing these guys that aren't afraid to call NASCAR on their bull****.

I hope he has a great season with a few wins and maybe even a deep playoff run. He has earned and deserves to go out like that.
I'm pretty confident in saying I think Kevin is too classy to announce his retirement, then decide to come back like some have done. Just me guess but I imagine we'll see him and Jr battling it out on some short tracks in the CARS series

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First ballot HOFer. Incredible career that kicked off with one of the most incredible moments in the sport’s history at Atlanta in 2001.

The last real staple of NASCAR since my childhood, I’m gonna miss seeing him on track but he has so much more to do in racing with broadcasting, CARS Tour, and Keelan and Piper doing racing of their own.
Harvick could have been the answer to a trivia question (who replaced Dale at RCR) instead he put together an impressive and long career. He’ll be around for a while delivering valid commentary in the booth. Not a goodbye, more a see ya later.
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