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    I'm sick for my kid. Just two months ago she bought her house, Gumpa, me, helped a bit paying off a student loan and some other stuff cleaning up her credit. I didn't do it for her, I did it for my twin grandsons. This might be their last year of believing, they'll be 5 in April so a fireplace for Santa to come down the chimney was needed. Plus they need a dog which you can't have in a rental.
    Nolan just had his tonsils and adenoids out, because of the bleeding disorder von Willebrands it was done at Boston children's hospital, cam home 3 days later iirc, A day later ended up in Hasbro children's hospital in providence, then back to Boston for 2 days and then back to Providence. Had his stomach pumped twice, full of blood and received 2 units of blood. Came home last weekend, this happened Monday, house was completely flooded.

    3 BED, 1.5 bath, hardwoods throughout, full basement Cape style. Hot water heat. Automatic water fill valve for the boiler malfunctioned. Pipe blew,,,,upstairs naturally.
    Solid wood cabinets, junk, over range micro junk, stove being sent out to be checked.
    downstairs ceilings
    Hardwood floors are questionable, if they dry out without warping too much they can be sanded and refinished.
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    Sorry. How is Nolan doing? Homeowners insurance should pay for the damage to house
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    Same thing happen to my daughter back in May of this year, what was suppose to be a simple procedure turned into a 2 week ordeal that led to her having emergency surgery and about $20k in medical bills.
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    Best wishes for Nolan.
    Hope he regains strength for Christmas.
  5. jws926

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    Rude of me, I left out , best wishes for your grandson and for your daughter ad getting thru this.
  6. BobbyFord

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    Damn. Tough times. Best wishes for Nolan. The kid is a fighter.
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    sorry to hear that man, i hope Nolan is ok.

    Make sure he gets a hug from all of us.
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