Help on Daytona Coca Zero venue


Feb 10, 2024
I plan to buy tickets for my family holidays in August

As a non-US, I am a bit lost with the different offers and how to park

Could someone could share some guidance about the most interesting package to enjoy my day ?

I precise that I have never assist a NASCAR race

Thanks in advance
There is handicapped parking available next to the speedway.
There is a lot of private parking available on a first come first served basis.
If you don't mind the walk there is parking at a Home Depot about 3/4 mile from the track. It's a good place because you can have dinner at BW3 after the race and most of the traffic will be gone when you are done.
I am going to assume you are looking to get the most enjoyment vs saving a buck or two. Across from the speedway there are many businesses, like Best Buy, that offer parking. One of these businesses is probably your best bet, because it will allow you easy access to your car all day long and easy access to the pre-race and race. The area around the track is BIG and you want to be as close to the track and your seats as you can. get. Google Maps can also be your friend to help you research the area. It will be quite warm during the day so be prepared to stay hydrated and find some shade whenever you can.
There is free parking in Lot 7, but it requires you to take a shuttle and it is really not feasible to go back to your car once you leave for the track.
I always parked in the mall across the street, I think it’s a Dillard’s.
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