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Is this what the 24 hr at Lemans is about - a NASCAR sports car?
Could NASCAR do a sports car version of their car?

@Doc Austin
The Frances and the ACO have a good relationship, so why not? I don't know what it costs to run each particular car, but if the garage 54 entry costs less to run that a GT3/GTD, it might catch on. I mean, why else do it? Go across the world to race in your own class?

One sign the Frances and ACO are cool is the ACO accepting GTP cars. These are based of the original P2 concept, and every DPI was build on a P2 chassis. GTP is just the next evolution of that, and the fact the ACO accepts someone else's idea is a big departure from the way everything used to revolve around their gallic pride. They have been working together since 2016 or so, and maybe now they finally trust each other.

Embracing this garage 54 entry is just good news that the French have dropped the little Napolean act and are willing to be partners. This is all good news for sportscar racing.
Nascar stock cars have endurance raced before. In 76 the Wood Brothers raced both the Rolex and the 24 hours of Lemans with their Mercury Cyclone. Even then the Frances were trying to work with the FIA, but they just couldn't put it together like they have now.

I was there. Yes, it was weird.

OMG great info! thanks sooo much for the pics as well!
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