Hey, isn't today the day?



Am I completely off my rocker (again) or is Rudd not supposed to either crap or get off the pot today?
I heard on another board that he said on the weekend he still hasn't decided and won't be. Not sure how to take it or where it came from so it may be bogus. Hope this was wrong because alot of interesting scenarios will play out with the fallout from his decision. should be fun to see what happens.
There is no telling when he'll make up his mind. He better hurry up though, Robert will sell that seat out from under him and then all the rest of the good rides will be eaten up and he'll be left in the cold. Ricky better get on the ball!
Thought I heard he was waiting for an answer from Robert Yates (deadline today) whether or not the seat was his if he wanted it.
I don't get it, though. Rudd has said repeatedly that the issue was not money, and that he was waiting for Yates to make a decision, not vice versa. Who's telling the truth, here? I'd kind of like to believe Rudd. :)
Yates has said publically on more than one occasion that the ride is Rudd's if he wants it.

Jayski says Rudd hopes to have more info today. Reportedly his two other options are Ganassi and the Petree-Jones deal.
:rolleyes: Now reading in Jayski, this situation should be known by the end of next week. Jayski saying that he will stay with Robert Yates for another year and Elliot sadler will be fielded by a new team owned by Yates' son.
TN, both. :)

Here's my interpretation of the whole situation.

Yates: "The ride is his if he wants it"="I've made an offer, he can drive my car for the offer I made him. No more no less."

Rudd: "I need to get a decision from Yates"="I want x amount of dollars to drive his car. The offer he made me isn't good enough, so I asked him to raise it. He hasn't yet, I'm waiting for him to raise it".
To continue that conversation....

Yates: "If you think I am going to just sit around and wait for you to make up your mind, you're crazier than an outhouse rat. I got options too, ya know. This place has my name on the door, not yours. Take it or leave it."

Rudd: "I'll let you know after Andy calls me back. He got that phone from K-Mart, and you know how THAT'S working these days. And hey, I kinda like being the center of attention for a change."

Yates: "Don't get used to it..."
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