Hey Paul

Yeah, that's my avatar.

I just took the image that I use on the background of the entire page and added an inner shadow to it so that it looks like nothing's there.

When you don't have an avatar, a hole doesn't appear there.

Uhm, you can use any image that you want as an avatar.

I think it looks neat...didn't mean to cause mass confusion.
Gonna make me pull a Bud out of the fridge here at work Paul,I am confused as hell man.:p
B.C. Thats how I feel today,Like someones got a hammer to my noggin.:p
come on Paul,you can do better than that:p

Where is that voodoo chile mojo??
I like it...I can see a green background and a man outlined in black. with white fill in...

I like mine for now, wish it were a little bigger though..........
Thanks cutie...but like I said "It's changed".

It was confusing people so I changed it. :)
you see, the classic formula for Paul's Avatar is quite simple, it looks like e2=3(E)($)-4 = c8-2.3* 10% /BA4...understand now?..:)
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