HOA fine


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Jun 22, 2011
The HOA told him to store his trash can so that it can't be seen from the road or he would be fined. So he built a fence.....
Love it! My kart racing buddies got threatened by their HOA because they parked their small trailer in their backyard. Their HOA wouldn't allow a fence, but did allow a shed that was big enough to hide the trailer behind. My buddies covered the street-facing side of the shed with pieces of broken kart bodywork. Angered the HOA, but nothing in the rules against it.

I got threatened by a fake HOA. When I first moved into my neighborhood, some neighbors saw me in my yard and came over to complain about how it looked. Granted it had been neglected by the previous owners, but sheesh I had just moved in. They even sent me a letter giving me dates that certain things had to be done - and fines if I didn't comply.

Then I found out that our neighborhood did not have a HOA. These were some "yard police" who were known for trying to impose on others. A letter from my buddy the lawyer, and I never heard another peep from them.
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