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Typical TV coverage, Rusty comes from 2 laps down after losing a tire to finish 4th and all you hear about is Busch. Oh well, look who's back to 4th in points!!! The Blue Duece is makin a run!
Yea, I wasn't too impressed with the coverage yesterday. I knew Rusty had gone two laps down but didn't know he got either one of them back until he was back on the lead lap. Not so good TNT.:rolleyes:
i know i was disapointed to-----disapointed he finished so well, lol
And, this is a good example of why you never, eeeeever let a driver get his lap back. Keep'em down and kick'em if you get a chance. You never know when they are going to come back and finish ahead of you.
Very good point bp, I didn't see Rusty get his lap back (great coverage by TNT once again) but I was surprised to see that he did. I really didn't expect Jr. to let him by and it didn't look like the deal he and Kenseth had worked out was fullfilled. (Rusty was supposed to give him the low line on the restart)
I only wish we got MRN up here in MT. I would rather listen to them then try to stomach TNT/NBC's coverage.

Wallace was quite dominant early on in the event, leading 59 laps before a tire went flat on his Ford. Forced to pit, Wallace lost a lap. But, as is the case in many races, a gracious move by a competitor led to Wallace's late-race surge.

"I tell you what, there was no way I was going to get that lap back unless Matt Kenseth gave it to me and he did," said an appreciative Wallace. "I owe him, there's no doubt about that. He worked good with me today and I'll return the favor.

"The car was capable of winning the race if we could have gotten the track position the way we needed. I was real happy with the way it handled. The pit stops were good. The motor was good. I just can't say anything bad about the car. We just couldn't get up to where we needed to get."

But rather than push the issue, Wallace did what he had to do - points race.
Are you saying that Rusty was strokin? I would have to disagree with you if that is the case, Rusty is racing for the WC but he also is racing for the win, every weekend. Too imply anything different is just plain wrong......
The coverage of Rusty getting laps back was terrible. I would rather have FOX. If I have to listen to Benny make it sound like every lap is the most exciting lap ever in the history of nascar it will get real sickening.
lol, no kidding, I could just see ol' BP jumping up and down in the booth every time someone passed someone else. We made a drinkking game out of it....drink everytime bp spazzes out. :) Had to have someone drive me home from the bar :)
I was not implying that Rusty was points racing at all.

My memory was that Rusty lost one lap when the tire went down, was wondering if it was two and I missed it. The deal with Matt was mentioned as being unfulfilled and to my recollection and Rusty's statement Matt let him have the lap back and Rysty did not contest Matt for the low line. As I recall the restart Rusty got out front Matt fell in behind on the low line and Rusty let him by without pushing him hard.

I knew when Rusty got the lap back, whether it was mentioned I can't say for sure, but I remember it happening.
I seem to remember Rusty losing 1 lap just trying to get into the pits, he then fell another lap down or was on the tail end of the lead lap after he pitted. Sorry If I jumped ya there, flashback to my days at TR's forum, used to the "rusty sux, he's washed up, threads ya know :) Forgot that's not how things work here.
No problem at all, and didn't feel jumped. :) Probably was not clear on my thought process.

Rusty is hardly washed up and stands a better than fair chance of winning the points championship this year. The team is more than capable of getting on a hot streak, catching a few breaks and storming to the front.

Rusty has more than his share of tire problems, and unfortunately I believe his set-up preferences create some them.
I would definitly concur on the fact that Rusty is responsible for some of his problems. If he would allow the crew chief come up with some solutions rather than try to solve everything himself he could concentrate more on driving. As for his set up preferences, he does tend to be a bit on the aggressive side, this may be putting it lightly :)
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