How Many Folks Ride Motorcycles?



I ride about 10000 miles a Year!

I have 2 bikes: Honda CBR F4 600 and also a Suzuki SV 650 V Twin bike (this thing is a blast and a lot of bang for the buck) !
100K miles a year!!! Where the heck do you live?...ust be a blast!

Sold my last bike back in....hmmm...'87. (Made a trade with my Wife. Loose the bikes, play with race cars!!!) It was a dohc 4valve Yamaha V twin...???..Vision550? Docile...but comfortable. My first was a Kaw 500 MachIII'74?

If I ever get another it will be a Duc. No if's ands or buts.
Sweet Sounding bike Windsor! I rode 10,000 miles! Live Right by Lowes Motor Speedway. About 2 hours from some great riding in the Blue Ridge Mountains!

I'd trade bikes for Race cars if I was given that opportunity!
I wear a full face helmet! Shoei Helmet to be exact!

Riding without a full face helmet is absolutely ridiculous! Even an accident at 5 MPH without a helmet on can be very serious! Without a full face helmet your face will get pelted by bugs too!
Originally posted by rajflyboy@Jan 1 2004, 08:08 AM
I rode 10,000 miles! ....

...I'd trade bikes for Race cars if I was given that opportunity!
DOH!...thought I read that a little too optimistically.

Yeah, couldn't say no...but I still try to stay somewhat in touch.

I'm glad to see F1 move toward 4 cycle. They're closer to what most folks can relate too, and can provide a more direct flow of technology down to production.
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