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Discussion in 'Diecasts & Collectables' started by DeeDee, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. DeeDee

    DeeDee Team Owner

    Okay guys and gals did a little shopping today. I have bought odd and end die cast before but not really serious.I know someone that is getting rid of his collection and here is what I picked up, let me know what you guys would think someone would pay for all these and then I will let you know what I paid. Okay here goes: (forgive me if I don't give enough info or if I give too much) Everything is in original box except for the one Stewart Car that is in a nice case.

    For my daughter the Gordon fan:
    1995 1:64 Dupont Truck Premier Edition
    1994 1:64 Dupont Car
    1995 1:24 Winston Cup 25th Anniversary Die Cast bank
    Nascar Collector Barbie
    Jeff Gordon Beanie Bear

    For Me:
    2000 Home Depot Christmas Ornament
    1999 1:24 #20 Home Depot
    1999 1:24 #20 Home Depot (Different from the one above)
    1999 1:24 #20 Habitat for Humanity
    2000 1:24 #20 Home Depot
    This one he has to bring me the box for right now it's just in a case, I think it's a 1:16? It's bigger than a 1:24 #20 Home Depot
    2000 1:64 #20 Home Depot with hood replica
    1999 1:64 limited edition (1-12,000) #22 Home depot (believe it's an Indy Car)
    1998 1:64 Shell Pontiac Grand Prix #44 Stewart
    1994 1:24 #4 Kodak Sterling Marlin
    1999 1:24 #40 Team Sabco (with John Wayne on the hood) 1-4,999 Marlin
    1998 1:64 #40 Sabco w/replica tool box Pit crew edition
    1998 1:64 #40 Sabco Marlin
    1993 1:64 #17 Winston Cup Rookie Champion Car Hesco Muffler Centers Marlin

    I'm not done!!!! :p

    And for a friend:
    1:24 #90 Dick Trickle Heilieg Meyers
    1:24 #5 Dick Trickle Schnieder
    1:24 & 1:64 Adam Petty #45
    1:43 #7 Hooters Alan Kulwicki
    1:64 #7 Hooters Alan Kulwicki Special Edition
    1:24 & 1:64 #59 Kingsford Robert Pressley

    Well any guess as to how much I spent? :p
    Anyone need something? Let me know I will see if he has it. He has 10,000 die cast.
  2. DeeDee

    DeeDee Team Owner

    Forgot something!!!
    Also got 1:64 #23 John Deere Hauler and Car Chad little
  3. esorlxaw

    esorlxaw Guest

    I would guess, overall, about 450 dollars? Is that too high? I hope you got a good deal. I need a few Robby Gordon cars now to complete the collection, he have any of those. (i'm not at home so I don't know any specifics right now.)
  4. DeeDee

    DeeDee Team Owner

    I know I saw one Robby Gordon but he has so many there may be more, let me know which you need and I will call him. And yes $450, is high. :p
  5. Tabasco

    Tabasco Team Owner

    It depends on the brand. Are they Action or Winner's Circle? You should pick up a diecast price guide.
  6. esorlxaw

    esorlxaw Guest

    wow, 450 is high? You got a hellacious deal then...of course, tabasco is right, if they are winner's circle, then they aren't worth near as much as their action counterparts. okay, a lot of them are 1/64, that would make a big difference, let me say ,175?
  7. DeeDee

    DeeDee Team Owner

    How bout $100...Did I do okay?
  8. esorlxaw

    esorlxaw Guest

    hell yes!
  9. esorlxaw

    esorlxaw Guest

    there's no way that any of the 1:24 scales are less than ten dollars a piece, so you at least broke even. given that tony's cars are worth good money, i'm sure you made a pretty penny.
  10. Smoke1TS20

    Smoke1TS20 Guest

    You bought 27 die cast for $100? that would mean you paid about $3.70 each, thats a good bargain!
  11. DeeDee

    DeeDee Team Owner

    I think I got a heck of a deal! Tay already has the collector barbie and I paid $30 for that. And many of the cars have prices on them and I know he didn't charge me anything near what he has in them.
  12. Lap3Forever

    Lap3Forever Moderator Staff Member

    thats a good deal D!

    did he have a blaise alexander car?
  13. DeeDee

    DeeDee Team Owner

    Who is Blaise Alexander? What was the car # and sponsor? I can ask him.
  14. Guido

    Guido Guest

    Probably wouldn't have a die cast of his car seeing that he was an ARCA driver. He also drove a limited schedule in the Busch series but I don't remember which car.

    Blaise was the 1996 ARCA rookie of the year and he had 3 ARCA wins to his credit including a win at Michigan.

    Can't remember for sure but I believe he was killed in 2001.


    Alexander killed in ARCA race
    Blaise Alexander, 25, died Thursday of severe head injuries sustained in an accident during an ARCA race at Lowe's Motor Speedway. With four laps remaining in the Easy Care 100, Alexander and Kerry Earnhardt collided as Alexander passed Earnhardt for the lead. Just past the start-finish line, the right rear of Alexander's car made contact with the left front of Earnhardt's, sending the cars spinning and Alexander head-on into the wall. Earnhardt's car flipped and skidded upside-down along the frontstretch. Alexander's car came to rest in the infield grass. When emergency medical technicians arrived, Alexander had no pulse and showed no life signs. He was transferred to the track's infield care center, where doctors tried to revive Alexander for 25 minutes. They pronounced him dead at 10:20pm/et. ARCA President Ron Drager said Alexander had been wearing the required "horse collar," a foam device designed to restrict the movement of the driver's head in an accident. The collar was manufactured by Simpson Performance Products, and there was no apparent failure of the collar. Alexander wasn't wearing any other head-and-neck restraint system. Kerry Earnhardt was taken to the track's infield care center but was not injured. He later returned to the facility and found Norris. The two went inside to be with Alexander's family. Wednesday's race was called after the accident and Earnhardt declared the winner, having led the last completed lap. Alexander was credited with second.(
  15. They did make a Blaise Alexandre car... both Arca and Busch Series, i have both cars... limited production run of 100 each....

    they are also autograph, i got them autograph right before his crash
  16. u got some good and ****** cars that you bought.. i would be adivse to keep the Adam Petty's, and Alan Kulwicki's, very high dollar pieces..... 1/18th scales are crap, they arent worth anything unless its Jr... u got some good Tony Stewart Peices and Jeff Gordon Peices..
  17. If you can get any good deals on any Kasey Kahne 1/24 "Action" scale cars let me know!
  18. Smoke1TS20

    Smoke1TS20 Guest

    What?? not worth anything?? i tried to get a 1/18th scale Tony STewart car and it was $70!!!!! and she paid only $30 more dollars for all that.
  19. Yes 1/18th scales are junk..... thats why they dont make that many anymore.. I am a manager for a racing store and i work on the Nascar Circuit has a vendor.... they dont sale unless it has Jr.

  20. Which Kasey Kahne cars are you looking for???
  21. DeeDee

    DeeDee Team Owner

    Which would be 1/18th scales? and as far as them not being worth nothing unless they are juniors.... well I don't agree with that. I wanted them so they were worth something to me. And I bought the pieces because I wanted them or thought my daughter or friend would enjoy them. I think I got a good deal everything I got and for only $100, that was the point.
  22. DeeDee

    DeeDee Team Owner

    I don't remember seeing any Kasey Kahne but I will ask.
  23. Lap3Forever

    Lap3Forever Moderator Staff Member

    #81, Tracfone and WCW....its a 2000 Busch car.


    i would like to have one, because my last name is Alexander.
  24. Lap3Forever

    Lap3Forever Moderator Staff Member

    Blaise Alexander #81 WCW/Tracfone 1:24 Chevrolet Monte Carlo by Action. Hood and trunk opens. Limited Edition one of 3,504 pieces
  25. oh yea i forgot about that car... that asnt a really good seller, i sold them for 5.00 after that season...

    i might have few lying around
  26. Lap3Forever

    Lap3Forever Moderator Staff Member

    if ya do i would love yo buy one off of ya.
  27. Smoke1TS20

    Smoke1TS20 Guest

    Hey Lappy, are you related to Blaise?
  28. Lap3Forever

    Lap3Forever Moderator Staff Member

    Don't think so, but it would be worth looking in to.
  29. i used to work for Blaise
  30. abc143

    abc143 Guest

    yea id say that was a good deal.i have about 25 id like to sell.i just dont really want to go to e-bay with them.
  31. ccjmfan19

    ccjmfan19 Guest

    wow that is a great deal

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