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    Brazilian Guilherme Marchi, ironman of the Professional Bull Riders tour, is hanging up his spurs at the end of the 2018 season. The PBR world Finals are currently underway in Las Vegas. Pending the final three days of competition, Marchi stands at 633 successful rides (totaling 84 minutes, 24 seconds). It is one of those records that might very well stand forever, or at least for a very long time. Marchi's career at the top level spans 15 years. Only six riders have ever ridden 400 times to the 8-second horn. And after Marchi retires, only one of them will remain active... J.B. Mauney at ~525 rides.

    Marchi was PBR World Champion in 2008. A decade later, the highly respected magazine "Men's Fitness" declared that Marchi was still the world's fittest athlete.


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    Update: Guilherme Marchi scored his 634th qualified ride Thursday night in round 2 of the PBR World Finals. He moved into 2nd place in the interim event standings, one of just six riders to score in both of the first two rounds. The field includes the 40 highest ranked riders in the world. I have round 3 on my DVR, but haven't viewed it yet. The final two rounds of 2018 come Saturday and Sunday. Recommended viewing... on CBS Sports Network.

    High drama is emerging at the PBR World Finals. Points leader Kaique Pacheco is under strong attack by the sensational young Jose Vitor Leme. Pacheco is gritting it out after suffering torn knee ligaments and a groin tear last weekend! Both he and Leme rode successfully in the first two rounds. Leme scored higher, and is currently leading the event.

    Warning to NASCAR fans: If you crave the high-decibel screeching and phony drama foisted upon you by Cardiac Rick Allen and the Jabba Brothers, don't bother with the PBR telecast. Craig Hummer and his cast of insightful expert analysts offer a TV experience that is 180 degrees opposite.
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    [Correction to the post above... Guilherme Marchi stood in 5th place, not 2nd, on the event leaderboard after two rounds.]

    In round 3, a crack appeared in the armor of points leader Kaique Pacheco. He bucked off after 6.5 seconds. Of the six riders who had been 2-for-2, five of them advanced to 3-for-3, including Jose Vitor Leme, who is ranked second in world championship points. Pacheco is ranked 6th in the event standings, but it is as if he is a lap behind the five leaders in a stock car race.

    But this race is far from over. With three more rounds to come, several of the leading group will falter, and maybe all of them will. Statistically, it is rare for a rider to go 6-for-6 in the World Finals event, where all of the bulls are top-of-the-heap, and the very best bulls get two attempts... in round 2 and round 6.

    As for ironman Guilherme Marchi in his final PBR event before hanging up his spurs... well, he also advanced to 3-for-3, scoring his 635th qualified ride at the premier level of the sport. He remains ranked 5th on the Las Vegas leaderboard.
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    Congrats to Brazilian Kaique Pacheco, who held on to his lead despite his serious knee and leg injuries to become PBR 2018 World Champion. Two torn ligaments (mcl + pcl) and a groin muscle tear... a wonder he was able to ride two bulls in rounds 1 and 2. He bucked off in rounds 3, 4, and 5. He was unable to go in the final round 6, but he didn't need to. Jose Vitor Leme also bucked off twice, so he could do no better than 3rd in the final event. He needed to win to overtake Pacheco, so he fell short. And no one else was close enough to surpass Pacheco's season-long points haul.

    Congrats also to Marco Eguchi, who successfully rode five bulls to win the Las Vegas event. And the World Champion Bucking Bull competition was won by Bruiser... his third consecutive title. Only two other bulls (Little Yellow Jacket and Bushwacker) have ever won three bucking championships. I expect Bruiser to retire now, and perhaps he will spend more time with the ladies??
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    I was thinking a government contract was the ticket.
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    Big respect to the bull riders though, they are bad ass.
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    Yes, big respect to the riders, and also to the bulls. At this level, the top level of the sport, the bulls are finely-tuned athletes who are completely focused on winning... by getting that cowboy off their back. They know the game, just as the riders do.

    The bulls remind me of NFL-level defensive linemen who are going after a quarterback and looking for a sack. When the ball is snapped, or the chute opens, it is "game on!" It is pure strength and speed and violence, but it is also enhanced by agility and cunning. The best bulls are smart, and know how to change up their approach if it's not working, and how to disguise their moves.

    Disclaimer - I'm no expert on bull riding, but the expert commentary helps a lot. And I've been around competitive horses enough to recognize and appreciate what the PBR experts are talking about. Their reverence for the best bulls is well deserved, IMO.
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